WotLK Beta: Phased Zones and What is it?

Often you don’t have to think up that many stuff to write or blog about. I often never know what I’ll write about either until I start. But I was skimming the Blue threads like I usually do the other day and came across this thread on Phased Zones. So though I make a note of it to get back and blog about it when I could. Its has being very Interesting in WotLK so far in my experience with Phasing.

Phase Zone or Phase Events is not entirely new in WotLK. But, its been used on a much larger scale by Blizzard with the coming of WotLK the next expansion. If your a 70 and have done any or all of the Shattered Sun Offensive (SSO) quests you probably also did that one quest (can’t remember name) you got in Shattrah City on the Terrace of Light that ask you to go to Blade Edge Mountain at Bashir Landing. Obtain a Phase item from one the mobs there. Use the item and in the new alternate (Phased) reality retrieve 10 Mana Cells. If you watch Star Trek NG like I like to do you know what Phasing is and have seen it.

Its kinda like seeing the reality that’s hidden behind the real reality that you see. Except that the other reality is not active unless your actually in it. Shift in reality best I can think of it, kinda like in Star Trek NG. This Phasing concept allows Blizzard to pull off all kind of new realities Questing, Soloing, with Instances or Events of different sorts. To me, Its just allot of possibilities that they can do with the concept when you really think of it in other dynamic ways.

At first everyone thought the Death Knight (DK) starting area was Instance based in some way. Almost everyone at first believed it because to you the individual DK, you had a very unique experience that was truly awesome. As well as if someone else shared the same quest at the same points you did as well. They shared the same reality and saw the world change in a ever changing dynamic way. The DK starting area is actually a Phased Zone and a very large one.

In Northrend in Beta so far I’ve come across several quests like this having taken the time to quest. In most instance in my experience so far you get a quest from a NPC just like any other quest usually. Tells you to do whatever the quests ask just like normal. But what happen next is that the area around you just totally shift or Phase to a different reality with the people, NPC, mobs who were around you to something obvious and at other time not so obvious initially.

In the Phase reality you can obtain the objective of the quest or meet whoever you were suppose to meet as per the quest objective. But its a reality that’s unique to you the individual being in the same area as you were before but your not seen by anyone else that was initially around you either. Its hard to say where and when you pick up such a quest. I’ve often encountered them just going along on a chain quest and there it suddenly happens. That has happened through various zones.

Currently in questing in one the later zones Icecrown which is a lvl 77+ zone one the most recent zones opened up for more of a challenge. I picked up several quests which turned out to be Phased Events. Being in a Phased Event you can see other players participating in the same event as well but no one else can. Rather fun. But some of these Phase Event can look very grand scale as in the DK starter zone quests. But even on a much smaller quests they can seem so as well.

The last few of these quests I picked up and started I had no idea I was even in a Phased event as it was totally in essence entirely seamless. I noticed along the way doing the quest that the world had changed somehow as things seemed to act a bit different. As I paid more attention I realized I was having a unique experience. This can happen from quest to the next quest as already noted.

The things Blizzard can do with these Phased Zones or Events are rather fun with lots of possibilities. They can be very interesting or quite dynamic whatever it is. But that leaves all kind of other possibility as well as to what in itself trigger and event as such. NPC’s already know who you are or what Title you have if you have one. Who knows what Blizzard can do to trigger such Phase events to give enriched experience to one individual player Soloing or to a group of 3, 5, 10 or 25 players. Just seem like allot of possibilities exist to me just thinking of it.

Could Blizzard conceivable have such unique events that they trigger on the unique Achievement Titles of a individual Player? With all the different unique Achievement Titles players will have in WotLK who knows what unique play or quests that can bring with Phase Events. Now Blizzard may never have such things as yet or even have them implemented. Maybe?

Its also possible to think they haven’t thought of it, but who’s to say with the new Achievements system they haven’t? (Could be a Sugggestion on the Beta Forums) That in itself can lead to a whole new game in itself of players doing stuff to see things because of Phase Zones, Events or Reality. The game environment dosen’t have to be recreated or changed that much. But the reality does. Who knows the possibility that can exist.

Could quests be triggered in vicinity of a NPC based on a Achievement or Title only? Allowing the Player to do a unique quest in a Phased Reality to obtain maybe a unique Item or one of a kind Item? Such things could be possible. One step futher how about a entire Phased BG based on some kind of player Achievement? Some players can find that rather interesting use of Phasing. But they all just ideas.

But so far I’ve found the use of Phasing to be fun and hope Blizzard can do more with this to enrich the game for the Single Players that like to Quest and Solo as well, Groups in Instances as well as with Achievements earned. Lots of possibilities can exist with Phasing.

One thought on “WotLK Beta: Phased Zones and What is it?

  1. As a simple example, the barbershop in Orgrimmar also is phased.When you sit in a chair, you enter a phase, and the other people in the room fade out, and all you see is yourself and the chair (and the barber). Meanwhile, the people in the room are still there, but they can’t see you, you phased out when you sat down.This is a neat way of allowing lots of people have the impression of “sitting” in the barber chair, while avoiding having them sit on top of each other.


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