WotLK Beta: Flying Mounts, A Revisited Idea I had.

Courtesy of MMO-Champion

I wrote this post WotLK: Flying Mounts on September 1st just out of curiosity wondering after seeing all the Dragons in Dragonblight and often dead ones at that why we can’t get improved flying mounts that looks similar to the ones you see in Northrend. More specifically the ones you see in Dragonblight.

Well it seems like Blizzard has now added them to WotLK as drops in the recent Beta patch 8926 you can get from a Instance as found by MMO-Champion. So now you can get to earn another unique flying mount with some effort. Having done some quests in Beta riding on the dragons in Dragonblight they are really nice.

So nice to have these new Drake Mount in WotLK as well as they do come in various skins and colors. How nice it is indeed and many will want to eventually earn one. Something else to put on your list to earn in WotLK. It sure will be on mine.

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