WotLK Beta: Some Recount DPS vs A lvl 80 Elite

Was in Sholazar Basin and saw a lvl 80 Elite and lots of undead, too bad they don’t give any XP 😦 though. Anyway I saw a Elite so cleared the area and took me a shot for being daring even at lvl 77.

I started with Seal of Corruption for the first couple seconds for a stack and then switched to SoL and JoL with BoS and just did the rotation of anything that wasn’t on cooldown. Sometime GCD clashed spells quite a bit especially for Undead stuff. But always kept ShoR on cooldown more so than anything else as it does vast majority of all my DPS, especially if it lucky to crit.

Survived with about 30% HP, about that much mana or much less also. Don’t think I hit Divine Plea either. On a “Single” target ShoR does majority of any damage I do obviously even on a Elite 3 levels above me. ShoR damage is based entirely off of BV.

One comment

  • Wow I actually can’t believe how much damage ShoR does…

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