5 Possible Reasons Why your Class in Undone in Beta

Just my thoughts mussing about it. I’m sure you may have your own.

5. Because players on the Forums and Beta Forums won’t stop QQing about everything. Do they ever.

4. Because of the Hundreds if not Thousands of post combined of players asking for everything for their class in new and repeated thread posts. Just check all the forums you get a idea.

3. Because Players and Impatient Players alike like to write post asking or demanding in various tones that a Blue or a specific Blue answer their question, needs as well as class needs. You see allot of those and often surprisingly a Blue seem to respond to various degree.

2. Because the Blues actually reads all if not most of every thread on the Forums especially on the Beta Forums. Imagine how much of a developers time that must consume daily. Imagine how much of your time that would consume if you had to read every thread?

1. Because the game Developers devoting spending all or much of their time on the Forums and Beta Forums instead of actually Working on the Game. The developers can’t get much done in a efficient and timely manner as they would like to as a result. That could be both good and bad thing both I guess! Good they read all the threads for feedback for possible changes or improvement. Downside is the amount of time consumed doing so in productivity and having to respond to all the threads they respond to.

You probably could come up with just as much reasons i’m sure or better one perhaps.

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