The Road Ahead, Embracing Change

Life changes and things change in time. The world constantly changes around us. The game we all play grows, adapt and eventually change. The Protection Paladin (Tank) spec you’ve grown to understand and play eventually will be facing changes of its own not least of which includes our Plate gear stats. Before and eventually in WotLK.

“Change is the essence of Life. Be willing to surrender what you are, for what you could become”.

Some people don’t like change as well and fear surfaces for many valid reasons. Some people who are not in the know will be lost with all the changes. Hopefully thats not you. But whether you agree or disagree with life, Blizzard’s game or Class changes How you cope with those changes will be entirely up to you!

Was reading my blog roll list as usual and came across this one earlier by Vanifae: Change and the Maintankadin Community. So though I just redirect instead of writing a post.

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