On Your Next ZA & Heroic MgT Run….

Get it if you can, as it drops from Hex Lord in ZA. I say its fully fair to roll on it if it drops. With the changes coming before WotLK in patch 3.0 your just may need it or something better depending on what tier progression content your at. So if your bored and got a good ZA guild, getting 10 of your guild best and trying to get it may not be a bad idea.

More my lvl and probably easier to get. Heroics reset a bit more often. As much as you may hate MgT now another reason to go and kick Kael’thas in the knee. This drops from him. Another option if running Heroics daily to try and pick up if it lucky enough to drop. Your probably going to need one of those or both if you can get if your just a PvE player. PvP have some options I’m sure if your a PvP player, I’m not.

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