WotLK Beta: Premade lvl 80 Characters Up in Beta.

If your in Beta. Premade lvl 80 Characters of any class are up on to be copied to the Beta servers. Says a wait time of 1-3 days. For some its taken less than a day or several hours.

I did put in to copy over a 80 Hunter since its the only other 70 I had and play and since I’m not leveling one either. Have no idea if they come with skills or anything at this point, they come don’t come with Tanking gear though, mostly PvP gear from what I see around.

My Paladin is currently at 76 lvling up in Beta. I’m wearing all Defense gear as usual and just wearing all Armor Blues. Only few Epic piece I’m wearing is my Guardian’s Alchemist Stone Trinket with +54 Defense, Libram of Repentance, Badge Cloak, and my SSO Neck Piece. I have (0) Spell Power gear on.

Got a lot of Stamina/Strength/Defense Rating from gear. Some quest gear gives Dodge Rating on gear or, mostly Instance based quests. Not many Tanking gear pieces you find leveling either from any normal quests. I know the Nexus have a quest that gives a Shoulder piece that’s the only piece of defense plate gear that I’ve seen so far with Dodge Rating/Block Value.

No quest gear I’ve seen anywhere gives Block Rating on gear anywhere that I’ve seen so far unless that gear drops in a Instance maybe. So my Block Rating on gear at this point is coming all from Defense Rating stats mainly. Avoidance is much lower than vs being in 70 Epics at this point but I can hit stuff harder as well.

However leveling is real easy at this point just in WotLK gear. I have 1500 AP unbuffed more if i use Trinkets and about 620 Strength or so just from gear. Since all that AP scales spells leveling its been relatively easy to Solo quest and just about ever single quest I’ve soloed as usual and Elites my level. At 76 I respec again to try something else, kinda fun since it only cost 1c to what is below. Since I usually AoE quest i’m getting hit more considering gear and kinda find Redoubt of some use though still unpredictable at best. Seals of Pure though gives a nice DPS boost as well just Soloing.

From what i been hearing chatting with a few people higher lvl most of the Tanking gear is all at higher lvl Instances/Heroics/Raids. Lower level gear seem to lack the high avoidance you see in lvl 70 tBC gear. At most some quest gear have Dodge Rating on it. But i find leveling as Protection keeps getting easier as well, just my take too. That’s about most I’ve seen doing all the quests in Howling Fjord/Nexus Colderra, Dragonblight, Zul’ Drak so far. At 76 I just picked up quest to head off to Sholazar Basin zone to do Safari. Should be fun.

Things I find Interesting leveling.
I generally don’t have as much a need to use ShotR as much leveling unless I really need to use it like when I’m doing lots of AoEing, though its there to use. HotR I use ALL the time. I never have to consecrate ever usually unless its 4 or more mobs in AoE and have too much mana to burn it in excess. Stuff seems to die fast enough that I’m happy with it.

While Soloing I never usually keep the same Seal or Judgement active all the time. I change Seals all the time as needed depending on what i feel i need. Kinda fun, a bit more interactive as well. With a bit lower avoidance as well I find I tend to use SoL which scales with AP a bit more questing especially AoEing depending on the fight and BoS just give me the mana i need. SoL scales nicely with AP it seems. 600 heals are nice just at lvl 76 with around 1500 AP in my gear alone so far. Questing seems fairly easy. At least to me it does. I very rarely seem to have downtime as well.

Edited: Added Pics & Character Stats in lvling gear. I guess also the Premades were a Mistake and are set to be removed as well as moved to another server.

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