WotLK Beta: Some Blue Tank & Defense Gear

Slowly have been changing out my gear to what i consider more WotLK oriented gear to keep getting a feel for things as it will eventually be. I’m not all attached to wearing the tBC Epics just because its purple.

Want to get a feel for gear in WotLK and its effects if i can in the spec i play. So did recently have a nice BS in Dalaran craft me the entire set of “Tempered Saronite” Plate crafted just being smart enough to get enough Saronite Ore to do so. Some of the set are level equipt gear and can’t equipt as yet so in the bank for now. But these are some the gear i’m already wearing at lvl 75 that was crafted removing my epic pieces to get a better feel of things.

Tempered Saronite Belt.
Tempered Saronite Boots.
Tempered Saronite Breastplate.
Tempered Saronite Legplate.

Saronite Defender.
Savage Cobalt Slicer.

Have various new trinkets as some green Stam/Str/Agi rings as well I picked up questing. But all the new gear Armor pieces I had enchanted with normal lvl 70 Enchants I have on my tank gear with mats I had in my bank stock. You not going to find anything much in Beta on AH either for mats and if it is its astronomical priced. The 1H Weapon I put a +20 Strength Enchant on it and does good DPS. The other 4 pieces of the 8 piece set are lvl 76-78 to equip.

Wearing the gear have more Armor, Stamina, Strength (by Far). Also lots of Defense Rating and increase BV which affects ShoR. Much higher AP by far as well which affects my weapons damage, HotR and spell scaling. Gear have lower Avoidance and Blockrating as a result of none of that raw stat on gear as compared to what you would see on lvl 70 Epic gear. I’m able to lvl in it fine best I can tell. Lower avoidance result in BoS also procing less also if you have less of it. But in Instances that I guess means you get hit and healed more too.

I need to get around to trying out the other new Instances when have some time as well in the this gear to test out. I do think it will be good as well upgrade. Was just trying to lvl up a bit really for the most part and to get the new Shield of Righteousness.

Blizzard want to people in Beta to have a feel for the new Instances and eventually have them tune for people in the expansion leveling in green/blues with enchants at most. Not tuned for people running around Northrend in Full T/4/5/6 Epics which you often see allot of who can run the dungeons often easily in such gear. That would just sku getting Instances tuned for people who will eventually be leveling up in green and blues as well as good testing.


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