WotLK Beta: Testing the New Blessing of Santuary

As of the new Patch 8885 Blessing of Sanctuary has being changed as indicated below. So I went to test it out in where I could find a ton of mobs to pull all at once and see how well our new mana system works.

Blessing of Sanctuary changed to give all members of the raid or group that share the same class with the target the Greater Blessing of Sanctuary, reducing damage taken from all sources by 3% for 30 min. In addition, when the target blocks, parries, or dodges a melee attack the target will gain 10 rage, 20 runic power, or 2% of maximum mana.

I seems to be working well with the 2% of maximum mana return on Dodges, Parry and Bock. And I’m find it works pretty well for getting mana back without much the time sacrificing a Protection Paladin damage Seal to having to use a low damage/threat mana seal as in BoW in a fight. I can mostly keep a damage Seal up. As long as no casters around to slowly shave off a good chunk of your health. From what I see i was getting back 100 mana each time the proc.

In a AoE mob group testing it out I had quite a bit of mana with my Avoidance causing the proc of getting mana back on Dodges, Parry and Blocking done. Enough I would say that I could at times on say a group of 10 mobs hit almost everything and consecrate and still have close to a full mana bar. I’m not sure what you call that after testing it in AoE, but I’m gonna leave it at just saying it pretty damn good at that % rate. I give it a thumbs up as of this build. As for how it will affect the other Tanks in Warriors and DK I’m not sure or if the numbers will need tweeking for those 2 classes with BoS.

I decided to try something a bit harder with BoS. So while doing a quest in Dragonblight I came across 2 Elite lvl 74’s. Had some caster around some Necromancers so avoided those as much as i could. I had BoS up and just using SoC. I pulled the Elite 74 I’m at lvl 73. I also got about 10+ Ghouls also and with the Elite and the Ghouls I had I would say a bit of mana Avoiding and blocking allot of the other hits of stuff trying to beat on me. That gave me enough mana to just put it all on the Elite as focus and burning the other mobs in Consecration. Took a while but had a bit of mana.

Next I figure why not try pulling 2 Elite 74’s at the same time. So did that with BoS still up using SoC and HotR on both. Works very well to. The faster the attacks seem the better it works for Dodges/Parry/Block chance other than what actually hit. The one thing that kept messing things up was a Necromancer caster showing up and messing up my test shaving off my health. So with that had to just change to using SoL and JoL/JoW to gain back health and mana. Evading some the attacks by the Elites was enough to give me mana back. Best i can say seems to be working well.

I wanted to try and pull 3 Elite 74 and see how that would go as well. But was a bit hard to do without getting a bit more Ghouls and a crazy caster in the mix with that going on. Best i can say with the change to BoS so far as of this current build well i can say I’m a bit happy with it compared to before. I’m going to have to remain optimistic on this one change in BoS being improved by Blizzard Dev’s as Paladins have being and are getting the short end of a long stick in Beta as a whole.

Did respec and picked back up again Redoubt/Shield Specialization. Shield Specialization has being changes to “Increase your Block Value by 30%” as of what it says on tooltip. Have later found out that SS does not increase BV from Strength, still unchanged.

BoM got a nerf with the attack power bonus being reduced to 25% so with not much good choice back to 5/5 Benediction again.

In respecing I just no longer seem to have enough points to pick up BoK’s in current build and at least at this level as well. Nor did i have enough points to put anything in Imp Devo Aura either. I just need all my points else where it seems and I just don’t have enough points to get all that I need looking at things so far as of now.

Dunno but Blessing of Kings would be good to become a class ability or someone else Holy/Ret will have to provide in raid if things stay the way they are as of this Beta build. There are just not enough talent points to go around.

In Other News:
Was able to acquire enough Saronite Ore for my Hunter to make some Saronite Bars. Mined enough Cobalt Ore on my Hunter also. With that I had enough to find a BS in Dalaran that was able to craft me for testing the entire Saronite Plate Set/Shield as well as a Savage Cobalt Slicer for when I get to 74 to test out the gear vs wearing tBC gear. So have some gear as of next lvl to slowly change into being more WotLK gear oriented..

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