WotLK Beta: Judgement of Wisdom


Judgement of Wisdom (JoW) Beta nerfed into the damn ground. Literally!!!!!!!!

Only returns what seems to be 2% of total mana. Everyone of my Judgements hit only returns 100 mana having a total of 4995 mana total compared to the previous Beta build 8820.

The fact that Judgements were broken for a entire week as said was a accident. Seems like a damn conspiracy to me now looking back at it all for Paladins. It was all being reworked if you look at it.

Seals seemed to have being nerfed as well. Require lots of testing to be sure what can be uncovered.

I’m usually very very optimistic. I know its Beta, but i’m going to be honest. I don’t believe this class, my Paladin class is going to get fixed where the class as a whole will be happy.

Having had some time to think it things over and play a bit and test some stuff out a bit more, hmm dosen’t seem all gloom and doom like I though. Maybe gloomy and less doomy.

But I’m i’m having to drink and Divine Plea allot still mainly Soloing if i don’t gimp my own ability to DPS by having BoS up constantly for mana by way of Avoidance and Blocking vs having BoM up to scale my own spell DPS since most our spell also scale on AP and Protection is not known for DPSing as it is.

2 thoughts on “WotLK Beta: Judgement of Wisdom

  1. Having used the new BoS/JoW combo, I can’t see why you’d wanna use something else. Sure you kill single mobs faster with BoM, but for groups, then I was able to keep up Holy Shield, Consecrate, HotR and Judgements without downtime using BoS.When grinding Prot, it’s not a question of how quickly you kill a target, it’s more how quickly you can move onto the next targets after the fight. The new BoS scales with your avoidance and with the number of mobs you tank. I can’t think of a more perfect Prot blessing.


  2. You are right on that as you have stated. Was already planning on making a post on that which i’m working on right now, so it will be in my next post as soon as i’m done.


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