WotLK Beta: Server Down Today

Was able to only log on a short while early this morning and do a few quest and move that blue XP bar another notch before major server lag too place.

Server crashed while it seemed relatively empty in early morning and was down for a while. Servers came back up then later at which was able to park my toon back at a Inn. Then server went back down for maintenance today.

So not much playtime to level today, just a few quests and a bit closer to 74. Gear rewards are starting to look real good as well on quests.

Since I’m working mostly nights all week this week won’t have as much time to focus and play till Friday and the weekend really. So didn’t want it to seem like I’m all that slow leveling in Beta. Just not much focus time for play. A bit hard as well when Northrend server crashes often.

Overall I’m enjoying Testing Beta and Northrend. So thanks Blizz!

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