Tanking: Importance of Strength stat in WotLK

I’m not usually that active on the Maintankadin Forums. I usually read way way more than I usually ever comment usually and do comment when I feel like. Anyway in this thread related to someone new asking about Strength as a NEW stat for Tankadins in WotLK, I posted the response below.

So though I post it here as well for the benefit of those that don’t know, don’t understand, confused or just don’t real allot. Made some corrections for clarity as well.

I think a lot of Tankadins need to start understanding things as well as a mind change from how things are (currently) to how things will eventually be in WotLK.

Stamina & Strength are becoming core stats for a Tankadin. Especially considering that all Plate wearing Tanks will be sharing the same gear as loot which thus include all the stats on that kind of gear. Think Tanking Warrior gear stats. It’s will no longer be tBC as you know it for Tankadins when WotLK comes.

and Threat Stat for Our gear will be changing, thus as well the thinking and the talent stats to make that gear as effective to do our jobs as Tanks. Strength will be a new Mitigation and Threat stat for Tankadins with our new abilities and gear.

What Blizzard is doing IMO is giving us two stats to scale up our gear from lvl 70-80. But as you increasing level to 80, you gear will be more Stamina/ Strength and AP based vs what you used to in tBC.

Starting from 70 with so much Tankadins in hard earned Epics your spell power tanking gear will be more effective up to somewhere around lvl 75 or so depending on tier gear. Around that point Stamina/ Strength gear becomes more valuable to you because of how it affects your abilities. ( 2 Strength = 1 Block Value or BV, 1 Strength = 2 AP)

Increasing Stamina will increase your Spell Power which adds to all your spells. Increasing Strength will increase your BV for threat with the new Shield of Righteousness. Strength also converts into AP which is now good for us because it increase the power of all spell except to Holy Shield currently. So now Increasing Spell Power and AP both scale the power of our spells and abilities. That’s a good thing.

Using a slow high DPS weapon is also now good, compared to a slow weapon on live the server. A slow high DPS weapon around 2.6 speed with high AP, and AP from stacking Strength increase how hard HotR hits on 3 NPC mobs dealing Holy Damage in the process. This same effect also affect Seals and Judgement among other spells.

Increasing Strength/AP makes effect of seals increase in value so they scale. More Strength/AP the more Holy damage and threat your damage seals do. The harder your Seals & Judgements hit for Holy Damage/Threat and the more mana or heals you get back as a result.

Using Seal of Wisdom or Light with high Strength/AP the more mana and heals you get on hits. Use HotR with the same seal active the more mana and heals it proc’s for on three NPC mobs HotR hits. Also the more Holy Damage HotR does as well.

So as you increase you Stamina that spell power adds to your spells, increasing Strength/AP that adds to your spells as well. So you benefit from both stats increasingly.

As you start WotLK at 70 unfortunately you have very little Strength on gear as a Protection Paladin, but more Spell Power stats as well as weapon. So around lvl 75 or so seems a break point. But as you increase lvl your just shedding your tBC gear for your new gear stats of Stamina & Strength plus everything else bonus added to gear.

All just a mind set change compared to what most people are used to on live server. Start getting used to it!

Hammer of the Righteous (HotR) works off Weapons damage causing high threat Holy damage so you want a slower hard hitting high DPS weapon which does damage as Holy damage to targets up to (3). Shield of Righteousness (ShotR) does damage from 200% of BV causing very high threat to target. Having high Strength/ AP causes ALL your spells to scale in damage/threat or effect with the current exception of Holy Shield which currently only scale on Spell Power.

4 thoughts on “Tanking: Importance of Strength stat in WotLK

  1. Hey Galo, I recently made up a list of items available to us now that have strength,stam and defense as major stats. They are all acquired from reg 5 mans, rep,heroics and up to Kara. I tried to post the list on wow forums but they are down atm. I’ll email them to you, they maybe helpful for some readers. Ive already started to pick up a number of these items. I think they would be supplemental at best.


  2. Thanks for the List. Checked it out seems like you put a bit of work into it putting together that list. I actually have a fairly decent Ret/gems set or enough pieces of gear in my Bank for a fairly effective set if i need it as well. Collected just from all the 5 mans/heroics i’ve run picking up gear over all the months. Its just always been sitting there in my bank really.I do have the option to use it if i really wanted or need to or for when WotLK goes live. Also have effective 2H weapons as well from Heroics/Kara. I do use 2H weapons on live server all the time as well being max skilled in all weapons.However though I really don’t play Ret spec. I always have the option though to level as such.As for WotLK:If you have a Ret set/weapon you can use that if you do spec as Ret and will do fine. I won’t say go out of your way to collect Ret gear either for WotLK. But if you have it thats Ok as well.Or you can be like me, just level as full Protection and be just fine with it.However really coming from tBC if you have Spell Power gear its usable and will work and will last you till around 74-75 as you will be picking up gear along the way for sidegrade and upgrades or even better. At 75 lots of crafted gear is available at that point which have MUCH BETTER STATS you can just about change things out to having better gear and in the gear stats you will be using for WotLK anyway. Stam/Str.Its just a transition period from tBC to WotLK in gear as you level as well as understanding that you will be going through a gear change and in stats.


  3. Even getting a full 8 piece crafted Cobalt Set like the one I had crafted here in Beta can be decent as well to level in as it has high Strength which gives lots of AP. You may not want to pull 20 mobs in it and hope to have a easy time though like I usually tend to do in my higher avoidance tBC gear. However I may revisit putting the Cobalt set back on questing and some green/blue quest pieces I’ve picked up in Beta. That may be something else to try out as well compared to the last time I tested it out.


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