WotLK Beta: What Happened to the Cobalt Gear

Well I still have it the whole 8 piece green lvl 70 crafted Cobalt set. Its mostly just loaded with Stam/Str/Defense for stats just about most of what will eventually be on most our gear as we level up and other stats. But my tBC gear has more Stamina/Avoidance since its all enchanted and socketed as well being much better gear.

Putting on that green unenchanted and lack of socket set lost major health, gained lots of Defense, but also lost major avoidance as well. The only thing i really wanted to see was how much having Strength on gear affected our spells and stats.

Did put on a set of greens and went grinding in it for a while. Grinding in the set with lots of mobs wasn’t that fun even though high in defense it lacked avoidance, lost lots of health on hits compared to my tBC Epics.

Anyway the green Cobalt gear had a lot of Strength on it which is the effect I wanted to observe. I can say having a lot of Strength for stats will gives lots of BV for Shield of Righteousness as well as converts to AP. This scale up almost all our spells, seals, judgements etc in effect and damage, exception been Holy Shield. Will be a very good stat to have lots of. As scaling spell will only serve to increase our threat from Strength as our gear scale and get more of all stats.

Just in the set when i had it on testing, i could proc SoL on 3 targets with HotR and get as much as 500 heals a tick each when HotR proc’d. That’s way much more than in my tBC gear and will only scale more in better gear with the stats. Thats also without 5/5 Divine Strength and the new Improved Blessing of Might. Anyway I’m done messing around with the green gear, unless i decide to run UK with it on again. I guess at 75 when i get there a Blue Tempered Saronite set might be much better to try out then.

In other news I’m 9 vanilla wow bars from lvl 72.

In other important news A Forum Blue Wryxian said Protection Paladins are far from fixed in Beta as noted below from this recent Thread.

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