WotLK Beta: Protection Paladin Grinding

A fun ride to a Quest I picked up to find some Pirates and recover a item. I’m lvl 71 but took these yesterday when I was 70.

I finished retrieving the item just off shore. So getting back to shore I saw some mobs they look physical. Loots like a good little bunch. Hmm maybe I can test out some more grinding, I’m good at that. Especially since groups of mobs are really hard to find all in one area right now. I’m in just my normal Tanking gear in normal usual build. I have no strength bonus to gear just BC gear. I’m also just using a Quest green 1H weapon here a Coldstone Cutlass from a quest.

So went and round up as much mobs as I could. Not as easy as some mobs run back to their spawn point. Will make do with what i can get. About 5 or so.

For grinding and questing AoEing works best every time. Most efficient. Anyway this is how I have being grinding in Beta. For ONE mob I find Seal of Corruption (Horde), Seal of Vengeance for Alliance works very well or SoR when your one just one Mob or down to one or two mob from several or can also twist the seal weaving in SoR with SoC stacked. But I like Seal of Corruption as if you use in such cases. Seal of Corruption stacks quickly also when used.

Now for multiple Mobs this is what I have being testing. Have Blessing of Might up as it increases damage by Seals, Judgements, Consecration most spells at that. It only does not affect Holy Shield as HS does not scale with AP. Anyway for seals I always use Seal of Wisdom on multiple mobs. HotR will proc Seal of Wisdom. You get lots of yummy mana to burn on each proc mob. More AP the more mana you get back with Seal of Wisdom.

Blessing of Might expired in this shot. Anyway you usually get 3 Wisdom Seal procs and the proc from Judgements of Wisdom with HotR. I find that amount of mana sustains my grind even when burning Consecration to some degree.

I usually on 3 mobs don’t have to burn a consecration more than once. But to speed it up with more if you want to.
I find I can hit all the normal Judgements, Holy Shield, HotR, Consecration and still be just about topped off on mana. As I get down to just two mobs or so I stop consecrating and just hammer the mob off so they die.

All in all just about every time i finish a fight I have full mana almost and rarely ever have to drink. My health is usually fine as i block or avoid most the damage. But that’s minor. Point is I don’t have to drink when grinding often. As long as their is no caster mob you fine or kill the caster first.

Anyway in short I find having Blessing of Wisdom up is a waste get more mana back with Blessing of Might up since it affects Seals and Judgement damage and mana effect. In my opinion i find this looks very viable. Just hope the Devs don’t nerf the proc effect from HotR.

However If i did the same grind all over again using my Continuum Blade my spell damage sword I with Blessing of Might up get more mana back around 20 more. Holy Shield and Consecration does about 20 points or so more damage per tick and charge using my Spell damage blade. Remember Holy Shield is not affected by AP but by Spell Power stats also, why that one is the exception by Devs not sure in not scaling. Anyway with the Spell blade in use HotR does reverse lot less damage which should be yellow and white damage as well. The 2 min Seal is nice, often can forget to refresh it and it expires.

I would imagine as level up and gear become less reliant on Spell Power stat this all changes allot with everything as things seem to lean more on Strength & Stamina. Getting Block Value and AP from Strength and Spell Power from Stamina. While no one knows, things don’t seem to indicate in any way we will no longer be having Spell Power for stats like in BC on Defensive plate since gear being unified with Warrior gear for stats.

Currently HotR is currently bugged doing physical damage vs Holy Damage as in combat log some hits from it are blocked or deflected by the mob. That should be fixed hopefully. Anyway just though i throw all that up with the numerous screenshots i collect. Yeah stuff still die a little show, just more button mashing. Wish we could get more DPS though. In short Blessing of Might works best to have up grinding mobs, Seal of Wisdom Judgement of Wisdom is go to for multiples, fights end on full mana, no drinking really required. Killing stuff is slow still not that much change from BC i would say.

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