WotLK Beta: Channeling Divine Plea

Channeling Divine Plea. No tank I can think of wants to do that being mana starved on a long Boss fight where he needs mana. In between pulls use full as I did find it helpful after some fights vs having to drink. This spell benefits Holy and Rets more than Protection spec in a Jam where we would normally need it. It seems to tick two times per 3 sec for the spell as per combat log.

It had a somewhat cool animation when it starts to channel and sounds like your summoning the class mount. You get this at lvl 71 from trainer.

One thought on “WotLK Beta: Channeling Divine Plea

  1. It’s worth noting that this spell is affected by Haste Rating. While this fact isn’t that useful for Prot tanks, it could be very handy for Holy Paladins and to a lesser extent Ret Paladins. In raids with lots of AoE damage pulses Divine Plea whilst immune will probably be the way to go, the changes to spell pushback notwithstanding. Even having enough haste to knock it down to 2.5secs per tick and grabbing a single tick could be useful in some encounters.


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