Finally Logged Into Beta

Well finally got logged into WotLK Beta. Got all the patches downloaded last night/character copied and all the remaining patches but could not log in. Had to wait for hours for the new patch build to get loaded upon the Beta servers. So finally got logged in today with the new patch loaded.

I played around for 15 mins or so creating a Death Knight (DK) character and just doing one easy quest to get a runeblade in Ebron Hold. So really didn’t play long with the DK. But at least I created a placeholder character with a name for a DK. Really does have a Epic look and feel to the character.

Then was off to check out my Paladin and get a feel for things with the new talent and Northrend. Its Vanilla WoW and so its a bit hard getting used to the generic UI. But you start untalented. So I’m going to level what I can as Protection of course.

Right now trying out the various talents and build to get a feel of how they play. So far the Beta Client has being buggy and unstable during the time I’ve being playing with “World Server Down” quite frequently and having to relog back in quite allot.

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