I Just Got Me A Beta Invite!

I was reading all over the place on WotLK Beta stuff on my IPhone at work and happened to check my email. Seems I have a Beta Invite that’s been sitting in secondary WoW account email for the last 6 hours.

I almost fell off my rocker when I saw the invite to Beta. I read it a few times and it looks REAL from Blizz. But I’m still gona have to check Blizzards forums just to make sure.

Either way it’s nice to get a invite to WotLK Beta, I hope. If it’s for real not sure what I do with the Beta Key as yet.

Update: Email WotLK Beta Invite checks out as real. Woot!

5 thoughts on “I Just Got Me A Beta Invite!

  1. First off, GRATS!Now I was just wondering, are there going to be t4-t6 deathknight pieces, if you dont know im sure you know someone who knows, you know?


  2. @Distracting Shot – Don’t know what kind of Armor pieces will be implemented for DK at this point or as of yet at the raid level. No idea as of yet.


  3. Quote:Having now said that, Blizzard would think it now funny to now send me a WotLK Beta Key. Hehe they sure did Galo^^,


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