Back to ZA and We SUCK!

Tonight we went back to ZA after the reset. Some of our regular ZA raiders were not on for the raid either tonight nor had they signed up either. I was there and I was disappointed! Overall I should rather say we just Sucked!

And if I didn’t say that I would be lying. That irregularity and inconsistency of geared raid members seem to be causing us so many problems among other factors at times in every ZA run. We could be so much better with consistent members like a few times we wiped for no real good reason. We wiped on the Eagle Boss, that sucked…….um like a few times too. We wiped on the easy Bear Boss and I was disheartened. We wiped few times on the Dragonhawk Boss from people dying…..just like we did before on the Eagle and the Bear Boss.

Enough wipes to have two full armor repairs on Plate. That is allot of Suck! And it Sucks more to write about it. The raid has long ended and I’m still disappointed thinking about it. Why some days you can kick a boss with so much ease and the next time wipe all over him silly for stupid reasons.


One comment

  • well, funny you should ask, because I read (somewhere) this past week, that most “old” content was harder for a epiced out 70 then a leveling player, this because, player would “slack-off” and make mistakes frequently. Maybe you’re experiencing the same situation. Raid members are just overconfident, and not applying their full attention to the raid…/ouch on the 3x full plate repair!

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