The Irony of the The Sun Eater

In over 11 months of running Heroic Mech, I have never seen The Sun Eater drop EVER……when I really wanted it. This weekend one of our guild newer warrior wanted to run Heroic Mech plus he needed some gear from there, just about everything would be a upgrade for him. So agreed to run Heroic Mech. I mean really he did barely 275 dps in the Heroic run. Thats some really low dps to say the least. He really needs gear I must say.

He asked me If I had the Sun Eater, I said no. He asked If I wanted it, said yes though don’t really need it for any primary need. Though be nice to pick it up but have never seen in drop in over 11 months and not expecting to see it drop. So I said if it drops he can have The Sun Eater if it drops. We get to the last boss and what do you know. The Sun Eater dropped. How damn ironic that is! Of course I let him have the Sun Eater as agreed, the warrior needed it much more than I did anyway. I’m not expecting it to drop anytime soon again. But then again, I really don’t need it all that much either. A situational weapon at best. Needless to say the Warrior was very happy with his new Sun Eater. I was just happy to have 4 more Badges.
In Other News:
Ran a few Heroic for the weekend for some extra badges. Has been quite a while not being in Heroics leveling the alt for a while. For now just banking badges to maybe replace gems or just bank badges for now.

4 thoughts on “The Irony of the The Sun Eater

  1. Don’t you know that is the rule the Wow Universe operates on? What you want will not drop until you no longer want it. I can’t tell you how many times I have gone back to an instance or raid to see the item I had been drooling over months before drop out of spite.I suppose it may be possible to fool the game into believing that you do not actually want an item when in fact you do, but be careful – the game is very clever.


  2. Amen! Ugh the Sun Eater, THE SUN EATER. I wanted this item, so bad way back when and ran heroic mech around a hundred times. Still haven’t seen it drop…


  3. Yeah things don’t ever drop when you need then or not looking.When my recent Jungle Stompers droped from the Bear Boss I was drinking had no idea the Bear Boss had them, hadn’t even had thought of it. When the Bulwark Shield dropped from the Eagle boss same thing, was totally surprised had no idea he had a shield either.Next time will make sure someone else loot the boss just like before. Make sure I don’t jinx the loot tables on loot out of something I may need.


  4. Your Sun Eater is my Moroes’s Lucky Pocket Watch. Months and months of clearing Kara every single week, and the damn watch barely ever dropped, and every time it did, I lost the roll, sometimes to alts and off-spec people. Once it even got sharded because the raid leader didn’t hear me say I wanted it. I finally got ahold of it when I was well into raiding BT. I don’t think I’ve ever used it, but sometimes I look at it in my bags and smile, comforted by the fact that at least now I have it.I think everyone has one elusive “holy grail” item they’ve never been able to get their hands on. At least you’re not alone in your frustration!


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