Theorycrafters In Beta

Seems Vanifae a regulars and long time Theorycrafter on the Maintankadin Forums (Tankadin Forums) got into the Beta as well as Tybalt as well and started doing real testing for Protection Paladins. Good Stuff, just what we need for the forums over there on the forum boards! Be sure the forums gonna be hot with all things Theorycrafting for Protection Paladins as always hammering things out. Of course we have also have Rohan over at Blessing of Kings so good mix for a start. Blizz just need to let more of us in.

Can be sure they will provide lots of feedback and get lots of testing done on Protection Paladin changes in Beta. As well as provide feedback on the WotLK Beta Forums with real hard numbers as a result of testing. So far so pretty interesting results are showing up with some our spells using SP only and others AP only.

No Beta here, waiting just like you.

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