Hunter New Mount: A War Talbuk

Yeah its not my Paladin he goes to ZA this weekend. But needed to level up Razorthorn my lvl 65 Ravager so I figure that I do something that gives me reps while I’m at it. So went grinding away in Nagrand at the caves with a bit of focus on the task for a few hours. In the process got Razorthorn to 67, got Exalted with The Mag’har, and as a side benefit got Krovon a new Epic Ride and ditched the Chicken. Did lots of mining in the process as well for profiting. Wasn’t too bad really I did have fun, Traping, Multi-shoting and all that goodness even though didn’t need to when you can kill stuff rapidly. It was just making something your doing fun with a purpose.

Didn’t think of it as a grind, since was leveling up my Pet which I needed to do anyway. However its all done and got it done all in one session from Revered to Exalted about 20k in reps since I was barely Revered before. Does really look nice for a Hunter riding a War Cobalt Talbuk, much better than riding around when on the ground on a Chicken. Not bad for a newly minted 70 Hunter either.

2 thoughts on “Hunter New Mount: A War Talbuk

  1. Congrats! My hunter loves her pretty ride too. I haven’t been able to work on the rep for any of my other toons though.


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