WotLK Gear: Strength A New Important Stat for Tankadins

All Images Courtesy of MMO-Champion.

Looking at some the gear mined from the WotLK database so far and dungeon loot, seems to me looking from the gear images that’s it even more confirmed to me that Strength is becoming important to Protection Paladins in WotLK. With all the changes for Stats in AP affecting Spells along with SP scaling (Currently in Beta) for spells and conversion of Strength to (2Str:1BV) Block Value which greatly affects the new Shield of Righteousness it seeming clear Strength is gonna be a needed stat in Talents. WTB more talent point from a bloated tree!

**In Other news seem level 60-70 is being looked at to get a level speed increase just like lvl 20-60 thats from Tiogle (Blue) at Blizzard.

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