Weekend on the WotLK Beta Forums

Well I haven’t gotten no Beta Invite, still checking my main to no avail. Wish I had more time to write a decent post also as I spend the weekend after all the WotLK news release reading on the live Beta Forums for Paladins and DeathKnights so I can be in the know of things. Also spend a bit of time reading over at Maintankadin as well with all the buzz of all things new in Tankadin land. Its pretty exciting stuff. Hell I’m excited myself more so than in recent months.

WotLK Beta Paladin Forum.
WotLK Beta DeathKnight Forums.

First off DeathKnights from everything everyone been commenting is pretty darn Epic! Seems everyone loving being a DeathKnight at least at this point in Beta and with the starter quests which are incomplete at this point also. Protec Paladin from the Beta Forums seem to be getting a lot of changes especially where it seems our spells will not be affected by AP and SP both. So far in Beta it seem they will scale for threat as well as damage. Seems Strength will be playing a big role in Block Value conversion for our stats as it seem to be becoming a somewhat important stat so far as Beta goes.

One the Big change is it seem the Judgement system is getting a needed overhaul with a more interactive judgement system with more effect as well as damage. This seem to be undergoing a lot of testing. So far I personally like the change. New Judgement system in short will be including a choice given that a seal is active a choice to either judge SoL, SoW, JoJ which all will now do Holy damage (somewhat equal to the live JoC) on Judgement AND also the effect of the Judgement. That is awesome. It will still keep the previous seal active. You just have a choice what to Judge of the three seals. Judgements can not crit for 200% damage all Holy. So far it seams Seals and Judgements scale with AP and SP both.

The Judgements now heal on SoL for a good amount (debatable what good amount is) as well as does JoW for mana gain to group or raid. It gets a bit in debt beyond that which i don’t have time to write about today. But its all on the Paladin Beta forums in the testing. So far I’m pretty excited but that can easily change as devs change stuff which may not always be so good in the end. As far as the Beta forums go you can read the threads but you cant post or comment unless your in the Beta yourself.

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