Almost There Bandito

Well just to keep you all updated a bit. Have being a focused on leveling my BM Hunter Krovon who will soon be my 2nd seventy. Right now he’s at 69 and almost there and decked out like a green Bandit. So have 60% more XP to go to make it and will be finished with the grind as it does feel like it. Thought I would get him there today, but be busy working all weekend. So will get him there some time this weekend hopefully, until them he’s stuck in a Inn building rest bonus to make that last XP grind a bit easier.

Won’t be as bad trying to level up my pets, Razorclaw 68 Owl, Razortusk 67 Boar, Razorthorn 64 Ravager. Well my Bandit Hunter is almost there.

4 thoughts on “Almost There Bandito

  1. Well have wondered that myself since I really don’t do the PvP game just PvE.So I have being picking up various pieces of Blues and will have the 3 piece Felstalker crafted Blue set. My Hunter is pretty much already Honored with most the Factions except Keepers of Time so I can easily pick up the Faction piece at 70.Already have 2 Blue weapon pieces to gear him with at 70. All things otherwise I’ll gear him up the old fashion way, Instance PvE and Heroics when it comes to it.Other than that will see…


  2. thats what i did with my hunter, run tons of instances,I would only arena and pvp with friends when they convinced me to. Now my hunter looks likes like hes on welfare but I swear i got the merci gear when it was the best lol. I switched focus to seik my prot pally as soon as I hit 70 and now she vastly outgears my pew pew hunter.


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