Paladin Class: Big Changes Ahead in WotLK

Big changes will await the Paladin Class in WotLK and hopefully they are real good changes for the betterment of the class and each respected tree and play style. Seems out of all the classes Paladin will be the most changes class yet accordingly by Blizzard Devs. Lets hope its for the best.
Linked via Tankspot.

I doubt the class as a whole will get the real changes it need though!

4 thoughts on “Paladin Class: Big Changes Ahead in WotLK

  1. Really though IS this the class that needs the most work? If you ask me, and this has been the case since beta 2004, it is the Warrior. The WoW warrior class is one of the shittiest tanking classes in any MMO, and I hope something is done to improve the average Prot Warrior or you will see that class die a long lamented death that is long overdue.At this point I would rather tank as a bear than suffer the crap that is the WoW Warrior


  2. In some ways it always surprises me that people always think their class is the worst, other times it doesn’t surprise me in the slightest.I’m in a growing guild that’s been short on tanks for some time. Now all of a sudden we’ve got lots. Every one, except one feral druid…you guessed it…a protection warrior. For the most part, we love ’em. Only a couple still haven’t optimized their spec and abilities.My question would be what makes the warrior tank so inferior to the others? I always thought everyone complained pally tanks sucked because they can’t tank anything except multiple mobs. Leaves them few options for boss tanking.


  3. With Paladins, Blizzard have to address both of the major changes occurring in Wrath mechanics-wise: the Unified Spellpower stat (no more +healing) <>and<> the “Tank specs get to do meaningful damage” philosophy. Given that to a great extent Druids already have the latter through an efficient Feral tree, Paladins are the only class for which <>both<> are required. Hence, on the face of it, they have the most work to do with Paladins compared to other classes.This is quite aside from any other buffs, mechanics changes and nerfs Blizzard may feel that the Paladin specs warrant. While on the face of it the statement by Blizzard is positive in that Paladins will be getting changes, the reality remains that their statement covers merely their already stated general mechanics changes and says nothing about anything else.I’m generally positive about Paladins going forward into Wrath but I don’t think we should be fooled into believing that this statement is something that it’s quite obviously not – final proof that Paladins are getting a good seeing to (figuratively speaking of course).I think I’ll avoid commenting on the ‘plight’ of warriors Hudson, I fear I may be a little biased against the only class spec required for raiding through to endgame since May 2005 ;). That said, with the removal of Crushing Blows I worry somewhat how well Warriors will stack up against Druids in the single-mob tanking arena.


  4. @Hudson, don’t be so tough on your Warrior Class, we don’t all know how things will end up in the end till WotLK gets here and all changes are official. I’m sure Warriors will get some good improvements as well in WotLK. Its still a good class played played correctly as well as geared.Pretty Much agrees with Suicidal Zebra above. Blizzard had to fix all three Paladin Trees and thus a lot of time and though required to the changes needed as well as unified stats on gear which will affect all three playing specs. However Though we all wish the best for changes what we would like to see and what Blizzard eventually does are very different things. So yeah until changes are concrete and known its all left to be seen what Blizzard will eventually do for better for for worst.


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