Screenshots: ZA Bosses

I really need to revamp and reorganize my entire UI to clear it of space and make it more cleaner and space efficient to give me a clearer view. Anyway first time to Eagle Boss for our Guild so was fun learning the boss. 1st shot 31%, 2nd 14%, 3rd 11%, 4th Down Eagle Boss. We lost people on all previous attempts. On last attempt no one died, could not quite figure that out exactly. Thats a real fun boss fight, getting there was even more fun. He dropped 1 item that I can recall, really need to drop more loot!

We did the ZA on Saturday. We did Bear Boss first, took a few tries but we got him again. So made sure I got a screenshot this time 🙂 These bosses need to drop more loot for the effort!
I guess when my Hunter gets to 70 I can take the time to finally clean up my hard drive, reload WoW and completely revamp my UI which will take some time to do.

One thought on “Screenshots: ZA Bosses

  1. Congrats on Eagle boss!Eagle Boss tip:DMB and BigWigs don’t seem to have the timers for the Storm correct. They’re either a couple seconds early or late and everyone gets zapped. BUT you can hear the storm coming if you turn all the sounds down and then turn “Ambient Sounds” all the way up. About 2-3 seconds before the storm strikes you’ll hear the rain start. It’s a little bit quiet.. but if you’re paying attention (or dead) you can easily hear it.I completely agree about ZA bosses needing to drop more loot. Even Attuman drops 2 pieces. I suppose they’re counting the timer piece as the second piece.. but still.. geez.WRT UI: I found it to be totally worth it. The screen space I got back by carefully considering my UI really opened up. ESP in 25-mans.My UI:


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