Guild Cliques

I was reading over at WoWInsider and saw something about Guild Cliques so I though it was interesting and made me think of my own guild. I’m really not sure if my Guild has one or with who yet I’m very sure it does as over times you eventually see patterns among certain regular active members. I’m sure every Guild with enough members eventually has a Clique or two among its members or certain members.

As a Officer in my Guild I’m not even sure if I may be part of a Clique either, but its certainly not one that I’m directly aware know of. But I can say If you exist in a Guild long enough and around long enough you eventually observe certain patterns of certain Members, Veterans, Officers that seems to enjoy grouping or running Instances with certain members more often that others for whatever the reason is to them. They still group with many other members of the guild but do enjoy grouping with certain members more and I guess that in itself my just be the Clique if their is one there.

Now to explain as a Officer if I’m in a Clique or not or my relationship with that hidden Clique if we do have one it helps to understand just how I exist within my own guild as I see it. Now I have some level of visibility in my own Guild being one of a few dedicated Tank and a very geared Tank. Yet Galo being geared as he is as a Tank have very little to do with my own guild. Much of that as many of you know was due to my own effort PuGing away in the Trenches in 5 man Instances and Heroics for gear and Badges. My experience raiding in Kara and beyond has being with my Guild though and more so the older veteran members of my own Guild.

Back in the Day I was honing my skills as a Tank running PuG after PuG Instance because I was mostly Guildless and making friends as I went along. It was in a PuG running a marathon 8 consective back to back runs of Botanica for Shat’ar reps to Exalted that I met a Warlock and his wife that turned out to eventually be the GM of my Guild. They were fun to run with and to ask along on my PuG runs when I needed DPS. I remember running Shattered Halls over and over and his Glove of some sort wouldn’t drop when I picked up my Figurine of Colossus. We were friends somewhat back then in mutually knowing good players so he made it to my friends list.

Eventually the GM and I both were in the previous same guild as members though we never realized it. The guild was some other I met in PuGs that we kept running into each other over and over so eventually they though I was a great player and kept trying to invite me and eventually I finally said yes and joined the guild. At some point the GM and his wife left the guild and eventually I did as well some time later, we chatted and such but nothing really social.

Eventually my GM Warlock friend started his own guild which is my current guild, I was guildless at the time and he knew that and seem to know I was much a solo player. When he was forming he needed help getting the charter signed so he asked if I would be kind enough to sign his guild charter and I did. I told him when he got the guild formed I was going back to being guildless and I prefered it that way. And when the guild was formed I went back to being Guildless.

Some time eventually passed a few weeks and eventually I joined the Guild, there was maybe 20 people or so in the very small guild, it was a bit personal back then knowing everyone most are the veterans and officers in the guild today. So I remember when it was a very small guild starting out. We ran Heroics and Instances and enjoyed running with each other and most were very decent knowledable players and the runs were fun to Tank. Most the members though including the GM and his wife PvP in the BG’s usually. I only did PvE so often I was in a Heroic Pugging away. I went in LFG, Formed my own groups to tank whatever instance I wanted to run. I never asked anything of my own guild or members or ever asked for help whatsoever in any way. That was the way I rolled! Never asked for anything, never demanding anything from my guild or members. Eventually a Hunter friend in the Guild somewhat became my sidekick running Heroics from the Guild. He would hear I was PuGing and wanted to tag along so eventually he became a regular on many my runs. He was A very skilled Hunter and was trapped his ass off in early days of Heroics while I tanked. He became a very good friend eventually. As I acquired many Badges he did also and improved his gear and DPS. Yet as we were small Guild, few members were on as we grew a member here and there up to 30 members I remember. We had a very good Priest Healer I knew back from PuGing as well in the Guild, many members I knew and befriended down in the trenched PuGing when I was guildless and had few friends but a PuG. Eventually the guild got 10 good geared members and very good players and we started Kara that core formed the core of the guild which is now the core of the Guild Veterans and Officers today. We were there seeing each other gear up to some degree. We did Raid Kara and did many the guild first Bosses In Kara over a few short weeks. At some point I left the guild while we were raiding Kara for my own reasons related to raiding issues but I was upfront with it with my GM friend and he understood. So I went my own way as I’ve always done and went on a Hiatus from WoW. It was somewhat tough for the guild at that point having left the guild. It was at that point the guild figured it needed to grow and get new members so it grew recruiting many new members up to almost a 100 members with lots of new members at various levels and new 70’s.

While I was guildless I still PuGed Heroics and in LFG. Sometimes being in LFG asking for DPS I got several my old Guildmates friends from the guild or Officers of the Guild in my PuG as they knew I was looking for DPS. They were fun to have along, they knew my play style. Eventually some time later I talked to the GM and rejoined the guild on my own terms, as we were always on friendly terms seeing each other around Shatt City. I was now again one of several Tanks in the Guild and well geared. I got promoted to Veteran then Officer in not too long a time, so I was back to where I once was.

Now I’m my Guild, I’m not the most social person. Remember Im a self starter and a soloistic player. So I really never go out of my way to make friends or to say stuff in Guild Chat. I kinda just do my own thing and thats Galo. I log on, do whatever I want to do. I do a Heroic of choice, I go farming. When I want to be left alone I go fishing and restock my consumable supplies for tanking or restock my Bank with materials. If i need to do a Heroic, its usually comes to mind to just PuG, why because I’ve always PuGed. Sometimes I ask in Guild if anyone wants to go, I only ask once then its filled with someone from a PuG. I loath wasting time when i want to get something done. In my guild I demand nothing from my Guild, I’m not someone that asks for help on anything. I never say stuff in Guild chat just to be social or because I feel the need to chat.


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