An Invitation From Above!

Logged in last night and picked up the daily for Heroic Botanica, awesome I love running Heroic Botanica for 5 easy Badges and its one my favorite places and my most often run Heroic for Badge efficiency. But I really didn’t feel like running a Heroic so I just logged into LFG/LFM as I usually do just to check traffic on whats going on and flew off to Nagrand and went lake fishing to replace my depleted food supplies for Instancing. Yeah went fishing. Did you know people that tank a lot consume an ungodly amount of food and somehow always seen to stay fit taking a royal pounding from mobs and trash. Oh Well. Went Fishing.

So pulled out my rod and had some piece and quiet circling the various lakes fishing for Ice Bluefish which you can fish in Nagrand streams and lakes only to make Poached Bluefish for my food stock for Instancing. I like to have a large stock of food handy. Since I was fishing also fished the Pure Water pools for Motes of Water and left with about enough to get 3 Primal Waters. Woot! Also left with quite a bit of Ice Bluefish, Mudfish which makes good Agility buffs and various other fish.

So while I was kicking back relaxing my guild was starting to run ZA for their pre-scheduled raid and I was there fishing. I’m a laid back guy I don’t have a ego whatsoever and really didn’t matter to me much whether I was in ZA or not or invited or not. I was happily fishing. I could of gone and run Heroic earlier but didn’t feel like it so went fishing.

While there fishing my friend Oana a Warlock from a T5/T6 guild who I met a long time ago because I loved to PuG and ran her and a few of her guildies through quite a few Heroics for Badges and gear. Strange things happen when you love to PuG and people get to know who you are on your server. But anyway. Also know quite a few other players in Oana’s guild as well. She makes the raid schedule for her guild and also has a Protec Paladin who she has recently geared up to 70 in her guild. I’ve helped out out with advice from time to time as well as referred her over to Maintankadin for a wealth of info to help her out.

However Oana wanted to know if I be up to coming and help out her guild Tanking stuff in Mt Hyjal since they are really short on Tanks as well as finding good Tanks. It was really unexpected and wasn’t sure what to say. However I graciously declined the invitation and let her know I was sure she could find someone else much better than I am to fill in. She really wanted me to fill in than anyone else. I though about many things in that moment but its really good to know people remember you and seek you out because they know you from around your own server with your rep to ask you if you can help them out. I have never really done a 25 man raid, nor have I played at that level. Don’t know if I’m that good to be in Mt Hyjal either. I read blogs of other tanks tanking in Mt Hyjal and all the fun they have but that don’t mean I know the place either the slightest. Wouldn’t want to look like a fool either. My guild is barely in ZA and just laid back happy where I am with no worries so their would never be a conflict there by far.

I’ve never asked to join a T5 raid nor have I ever seeked one out to join in any way whatsoever. However I graciously declined to Oana again….. but I did left open the option that I could help them out in the future if they needed. So Oana left me a open invitation if and when I ever felt like it.

All I ever have done is work hard doing what I do and love to do. I run PuG because its how I learned to tank, down in the trenches and to stay sharp. I meet people from all kinds of guilds on my server doing that and they notice you as well because your out there. Some day soon I may yet get to the Mountain Top! I hate to look like a fool if I ever get there as well never being in a 25 man raid. But hell who knows, its great to be asked.

4 thoughts on “An Invitation From Above!

  1. FWIW, your gear seems like it’d be fine for AoE tanking Hyjal. I wouldn’t have you tanking the boss, but you should be ok on the trash.


  2. I think you should swallow your pride and give 25-man raiding a shot man.You’re more than ready for hyjall!!Just say YES!!!


  3. oh heck, I have raw footage of the first fight in Mt Hyjal that fight if you want to see it, although I’m sure there’s great footage out there already.I’m sure it’s more work than it appeared, but the other tanks who had to get mobs under control then bring it to the Pally tank for ultimate tanking seemed to have more concentration required in their job.Not to say it’s not a challenging position but I think you’d do well and would have fun with it.Now, whether your guild would appreciate you being locked out with another guild is another question 😉Valdesta< HREF="" REL="nofollow">WoWGrrl’s player blog<>


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