Challenge The Readers: Pre WotLK Goals can You Get Them Done?

This one is for the Readers whoever you are playing WoW and anticipating the next expansion of WotLK. Can you accomplish all the goals you’ve set for your toons or your alts before WotLK arrives?

My goal for raiding has been achieved based on what I had set for my New Years goals way back at start of year. So has many the things I wrote I would get done as well. I probaby won’t do any BGs though but all else is just about done. That goal was simply to get to Karazhan. Somewhere in there I got afflicted with that WoW disease called Burnout. These days I’m in laid back mode till WotLK and leveling some alts for different reasons plus I only have one 70 and you probably have a family if 70s already. So I’m playing catchup. I have a simple goal to get two characters to 70 that remains. Hunter at 47 and probably will be the Shammy, Druid. May get my 20 priest to 35 for Enchanting, who at lvl 20 has max enchanting already. So there it is.

But I’m challenging the readers for whatever goals you have Pre WotLK or as BC winds down asking you.

Can You Get Them All Done?



  • Goals… hrmm..1) Finding a guild that I can run the 10-man content in WoTLK with. (No desire to deal with 25-man-drama) <>working on this one with a server transfer<>2) Getting the netherwing mount for my pally, and some other reward mount for my hunter <>easily doable given the time until WoLTK<>3) Hit WoTLK with 30k gold in bank <>halfway there if I don’t spend it all on #4<>4) equip my hunter with the sweet LW drops from Sunwell <> this is gonna be the hardest, as I’m relying totally upon AH drops, and some people are charging insane prices right now<>Really, not a lot of goals. I’ve decided to limit myself to the toons I have, and the DK seems a bit evil for my tastes, so prepping for WoLTK seems like the biggest thing to do. Perhaps that means I take a WoW break this summer too.

  • Goals, and interesting proposition:1) See the Illidan fight, even if we don’t take him down. Illidan is the big bad guy of BC and I’d like to square off against him once or twice before we are all off to Northrend. <>This shouldn’t be too hard with our current rate of progression. It’s just a matter of getting the resist gear we need to catch up to him.<>2) Get both my Shaman and my Warrior to 70. I have no raiding or gear aspirations for these two toons, but I would like them to be useful when the expansion hits.<>This should be doable, as it’s just a total of less then thirty levels.<>3) Kill Zul’jin. A taller order then one might expect for a T6 tank, my schedule has never let me go with the best groups around.<>This comes down to luck. Does my work schedule change? Does another good group start running? Can I PUG it?<>4) Get my GF’s toon into Kara. 2.5 hour Karathons are some of the most fun I’ve had so far and I’d like her to experience that. <>She’s only 7 levels from 70, and we’ll get her geared quickly then. This is totally doable if I don’t distract her by cajoling her into making new alts with me.<>

  • 1. See the Illidan fight. We are 4/5 MH and 3/9 BT. I don’t know if we will make it or not.2. Get the Warrior and Hunter to 70. The Warrior might be a stretch as he’s all of level 20. The Hunter is almost there (Level 66).3. Find a 10 man guild for WotLK. I can’t really start on it until I finish #1

  • My goals are simple… 1. I want full guild bank tabs for both my Horde and Alliance alt guilds, Army of the Hermit. 2. Get my level 67 Hunter to 70 and finish up LW. 3. Get my level 62 Druid to 70 and finish up alchemy. 4. Decide on another alt to toy around with… lots of 20ish toons to chose from.

  • In archery they say “Aim above the mark to hit the mark”. My goals are loftier than I believe I can actually achieve. So I don’t expect to complete them all.1. Start 25-mans. (missing warm bodies)2. Finish ZA timed event and get bear mount for fiancee (we’d need to finish it first)3. Finish ZA. (working on it.. we’re 3/6 atm).4. Get last bit of gear out of Kara. (working on it)5. Get speedy flying mount for Lilac (working on it)6. Get “Champion of the Na’aru” title for toons. (I aim to work on it.. )7. Get Talbuk mount for Tatia (Um yeah)8. Level more alts. (Hunter hit 42… Druid hit 27… Mage hit 12…)9. Continue to wait.

  • Good question… < .< 1. Get my first alt to lvl 70 and experience the DPS side of life.2. Walk into Black Temple the right way3. Smash LadyV’s brains across the rocks (5/6 in SSC atm)4. 4th Chest in ZA because 3 Chests is too close not to try.

  • My goals before WotLK release :1. Get Gothyelk into Black Temple2. Get the guild situation sorted and stable with enough members to run 25-man content3. Get Cunobelinus (hunter) into some sort of raiding4. Get a little more gold5. Enjoy the game.I’m looking forward to the expansion, but don’t want it to arrive too soon. 🙂

  • Heya!I’ve got a “goals” entry set to post in a couple of days, myself!In general, to follow suit with the previous posters:1) Get my 63 healing priest to 70 and running some heroics (I should have the Materials for tossing together a full Primal Mooncloth set the day I hit 70)2) Get my Druid alt up to 60, and maybe my Rogue Engineer to 70 and with one of those Engineering mounts.3) Finding a “fast Karazhan run” to participate in on Friday nights so my Mage can continue to collect badges and uber gear without having to step into 25 man raids again4) Making a whole bunch of fun WoW videos since I’m on a Mac and it’s so easy to record and work with 🙂Valdesta< HREF="" REL="nofollow">WoWGrrl’s player blog<>

  • Just the other day I realized that my gaming goals are being affected by the upcoming expansion and I wondered if that might be part of the reason for the player burnouts that seem to be plaguing big guilds everywhere. My < HREF="" REL="nofollow">post<> on the topic

  • Actually finishing Illidan fight. I’m tank #4 or 5 on the guild’s depth chart. Tank 1 (GM) tanks Illidan), Tank 2 & 3 tanked the flame. I’ve yet learned to do the flame yet (I did 2 nights worth of learning).

  • 1) Get my 3rd character to 702) Max fishing on my main3) Max unarmed on my mage 🙂

  • Alex - aka Firelight

    1) Get my mage to 70 and my first Horde toon to 70 as well (shamanjim!)2) Get between 5-10k gold ready for my toons.3) Not look at any more alpha/beta leaks (that may not be easy!)4) Clear Black Temple with the guild (we’re 5/5 in Hyjall now and 5/9 in BT!)

  • Well my goals would be:1) Continue running Kara on my un-keyed hunter until I get the crit scope pattern.2) Level 60 Shammy, 64 BM Hunter, and 61 Rogue to 70; giving me 7, level 70 toons.3) Collect the 20k needed to get the aforementioned toons plus my 70 pally their epic flyers. (My 70 Hunter, Druid, and Priest already have them)4) Do it all while spending time with my 5 and 4 year old and helping my wife with our new 2 month old….OK Maybe just 1, 2, and 4.SkarlarthMedivh

  • I’d like to get through ZA before Wrath comes out. Just did my first Kara run last weekend though, so I don’t know how practical a goal this is.

  • I’m extremely close to fininshing one of my paladin PvE goals: To get all non-raid TBC reputations to exalted. I’m only short one reputation (The Consortium).After that, I’ll probably get a Netherdrake and Netheray on my mage. I have one on my other 3 70s, I may as well on him. Doing all those dailies will also net me all the gold I suspect I’ll need.After that, I may do some serious PvP on my Paladin or Warlock. Or I might just take my warrior to random lakes and drown him over and over and over again…

  • Honestly, I don’t really have one. I mean, I wouldn’t mind getting a little more gear from either Badges, or from ZA (just downed the first two bosses a week and a half ago), and I wouldn’t mind seeing us down Zul’jin. But both of those goals are really dependent upon the actions of others, so I’m not setting them as hard goals for me to achieve.About the only solo-able goal I have is to make myself a < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Figurine – Empyrean Tortoise<>, to replace my < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Moroes’ Lucky Pocket Watch<>. I’ve already gotten one of the two Empyrean Sapphires I need, and the next one should be soon.Honestly, I feel very happy with my achievements. I’ve become quite well geared, and learned a lot of about playing a Protection Paladin, and found it to be very very enjoyable. All-in-all I have few complaints about where I am in the game.

  • Ardent Defender

    WoW seems like everyones goals are affected by the upcoming expansion either in getting things done or trying to finish things up. Seems lots of people are leveling Hunters as well, lol. Think most peoples goals seem doable. Seems lots of the commenters seem to have a goal to outfit each their 70’s with a Epic Flyer that seems common as well as trying to get upward of 20k gold. Think im going to make my Alts earn their own Epic Flyer maybe. Only 1 Alt of mine getting a Epic Flyer and that is a gatherer toon probably just the Hunter. Rest I’m going to make them earn it themselves, lol. No welfare from me. Think a Balance of 10k gold is good for me into the next expansion. Although If i liquidated all my bank tabs i sure can come up with another 5k gold at least.

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