Wrecked by Brutallus!

The #1 Guild on my Realm (A Team) it seems was recently wrecked by the Sunwell boss Brutallus. From what I hear through second hand, It seems that on one of their boss attempts while progressing in the Sunwell, some of their guildies got tired of raiding vs pushing forward and some the others of the raid wanted to keep pushing forward with the Sunwell.

Though they could be more to it and not knowing the entire story. In the attempt it seem quite a bit of drama went down the the whole guild it seems disintegrated in the process. Some it seems transferred off the server including the GM and as well and whatever was left of their GB and all their BT stuff in there. Some seems to stop raiding, some left the guild. Some left and went to other less progressed guilds and one started a guild “Brutallus Wrecked My Guild”. So its been quite funny watching Trade chat get filled up with their old guild members constant drama in Trade chat. Either way the #1 Guild on my realm has fallen it seems with most the raiders not having much to do anymore it seems. Not much for Sunwell progress on my server for now. Seems everyone wanting to take a break these days till next expansion.

2 thoughts on “Wrecked by Brutallus!

  1. Our server seems a bit behind yours it seems – our top 2 guilds have only this week down’d Illidan.Its a shame when things like this happen 😦


  2. I feel that is both sad and comical at the same time. Sad in the manner of when the top gets taken out it kind of brings everyone else down. Comical in that something they worked so hard for went up in smoke. Probably do to a misunderstading or a few pricks.


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