Shattered Sun Offensive Exalted.

After starting on the reputation grind late after the patch and a bit behind when I was on short leave, I’m now Exalted with Shattered Sun Offensive. Exalted from just grinding out the Daily Quests. I’m glad that JOB of grinding those reps is over!
For putting in all that effort, I better get some reward. So Yeah, how about a Title Please! So I was graciously awarded one Pronto for my speedy work and minor 1K gold donation as a benefactor to worthy cause in preserving my lovely Elf Land. Gee Thanks. Then off I went to that Vendor lady to check out her goods and picked up all the goodies. A new SSO Tabard which is really nice, Shields (both), Necklaces, Alchemy Recipes for Trinkets.

Just glad the grind is over I can go back to doing normal stuff and doing dailies whenever I feel like it. Now just need to go on a buying spree for some Nether Vortexes to make me some new Trinkets.



  • Alex - aka Firelight

    Grats Dude!I cant decide if spending 1k gold is worth the does sound pretty cool though…Maybe i’ll splash out!!

  • Nice work Galo :thumbsup:As a fellow Paladin + Alchemy (but Alliance :p ), I too love the SSO gear but was a bit disappointed about the 1000g title. Doesn’t really seem like you earn it (So I didnt bother buying it).BTW I’ve been reading your blog for ages and decided to start one up aswell ( ). It’s more on the casual side of WoW. Hope you don’t mind the similarities at the moment until I delve into format changes.

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