Vorpil in 60 Seconds

Well on the weekend my friend the T6 Resto Shaman “Orez” was doing a Heroic run of Shadow Labs. Orez is in A Team the #1 Guild on our server Horde side. So I was invited in to replace the first tank he had for the group, which I guess didn’t go well. So cool sounds good. One my PuG friends a Warlock was also in the group, so even better. With Orez healing the run is guaranteed to be fun and fast.

I’ve run SL a lot on regular however its not one that I’ve even run on Heroics for lots of different reasons and since I often PuG Heroics its not one high on my list to PuG. Anyway we cleared one side the room in fist room then through tunnel to first boss room. Cleared all the casters, then to the first boss. Then the boss which was not that much different the run so far than regular SL.

We pulled the trash pack mobs in the seating area heading to the 2nd boss Blackheart. Pulls were all the usual and went down like clockwork. As much as I’m burning mana on the pulls I still pretty much end all pulls almost full of mana, kinda sweet that is with the Orez healing. On Blackheart he don’t seem to hit any more harder than regular mode. Pulled him from the back of the tunnel and kept back to tunnel door to minimize the knockbacks. I just switched gear mostly to more my Spell Damage gear set and Intellect with adequate defense. Just taunted whenever he kept running away. No one died on Blackheart and he went down like clockwork. Easy does it.

Cleared easily to Vorpil the 3rd boss, no more harder than regular SL. On Boss Vorpil I saw something new. Usually on regular mode I aggo boss and pull him south of him almost all way south of room fast and tank and dps him till he teleports back to his spawn point. Then immediately go north of boss pulling him north fast to avoid the voids and he usually be dead before a 2nd teleport. I’ve never had to ever take him south again on regular mode. But in this Heroic I saw Orez recommend something new. We hugged the wall and made it pass and around Vorpil and positioned all the way north almost close to the rear wall about 10ft from the wall just about where if you turn right you will be heading to Murmur’s room. We had a Hunter in group, who Misdirected to me. Vorpil comes running. I tank him, group DPS and in less than 45seconds Boss Vorpil was dead. It was SICK. Vorpil was dead so fast I though it was a fluke. But he bit the dust in less than 45 seconds. I was dumbstruck how sick that was and fast he died.

On to Murmur we pulled as usual. Got to Murmur and Tank the boss. On regular mode the way I’ve always tanked Murmur is with lots of Stamina. I’ve always had good gear so the way I’ve done it was to always just stay in when Murmur does the Sonic Booms as almost every time I run out he always gets me and just about leads to a wipe. I always stay in and that has always worked for me. I always have healer top me off right before he Sonic Booms. Orez suggested i run out on this Heroic mode. I told him I’m better at staying in and just heal me through it. He wanted me to run out. We engage, Murmur cast Sonic Boom I run out he gets me slowing me down. Murmur hits the entire group dropping everyone to very low HP. Orez quickly heals everyone up with Chain Lightning healing. On second Sonic Booms he gets me again good and this time he gets the group and eventually we wipe.

So on rezzing and back at Murmur I stayed in and Tank Murmur the entire time. As well as everyone in the group inside the circle with Murmur. Orez Chain Lightning heal everyone and healed me straight through all of Murmur’s Sonic Booms about 3 or so and Murmur dropped like a rock. Was great. Always works best when I stay in Tank Murmur and healer make sure I’m topped off in HP before Murmur hits with Sonic Booms. It also helps to have 15K+ HP for Heroics. Murmur dropped Shockwave Truncheon for epic loot. I passed on it not really looking much at the loot. It was a healing Mace. Which Orez won for the roll. I’m sure he has plenty of alternative healing 1H weapons. But after I though about it after the run I realized hey that’s better than my Exalted healing mace from Shattar for my healing set. Would have being a nice Mace upgrade for my healing set as well. Oh well another day. But got my 3 Badges of Justice and was fun so another day. But Vorpil dying in less that 45 seconds was purely sick!

You never know when you will learn something new in a PuG, as for me happens a lot with my friendly T6 Resto Shaman Healer. I know my friend Orez like me to Tank Heroic runs for him when he’s keep bugging me all the time if I’m up to running a Heroics. I call that a very good relationship with a Tank and Healer. A Team has plenty of Tanks, but best I can tell they just all BT raiding Tanks I guess.

3 thoughts on “Vorpil in 60 Seconds

  1. Very cool. I’ve never done Heroic SL, been trying to get a group together to do it, but it never works out.I’ve been hoping to run it for the Shockwave Truncheon, but no luck so far.I actually tanked MgT as my Holy paladin the other day, and made it almost through the second boss before people had to go… ran it last night, and had to tank again, but the resto-druid just couldn’t keep up like the pally healer from the earlier run. Ce la vie, some days are better than others.


  2. @Galo – We did the same to Vorpil a little while back. I was already to do the room running when someone said to just burn him down. So we did. We didn’t even take him to the end of the room. I just started edging away a little when the voidies came. He died in about your timescales and 10 yards from his starting point 🙂@Giga – Yeah pallies are the dogs 🙂 I ran a Heroic Arcatraz with a druid healer and it was painful 😦


  3. I used to have huge trouble tanking Murmur on my warrior and would stay inside the sonic boom wave thing. However one time the healer cracked it and I tried the running out again and you know what it is easy once you realise one thing, you can stand miles away from Murmur and still hit him. When you try next just keep edging back and back until you almost can’t hit him and you will find you can easy make the runs. Another trick is to have the “camera” facing backward so all you have to do is hit both mouse buttons when he starts to cast.


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