The Hunter in Kara

You always wonder why Hunters everywhere gets a bad name. Not all Hunters are bad, but some really are. On Saturday I was playing just doing the SSO Dailies to catch up on reps and someone /w me about joining a random PuG for Kara needing a another Tank for their OT. So not much else going on reluctantly went.

So I get summoned to Karazhan. Was a complete random PuG group for Kara and no one in it that I knew either. The random PuG group barely had organization I could really see and was just confusing at best. On zoning into Kara no one waited to Buff. Hell, as soon as I walked through the door to Kara the group Druid Tank was already pulling and I wasn’t even buffed or had I even buffed anyone to say the least. So I though this will be interesting and see where it goes from here.

The group wiped even before we got to Attunmen & Midnight. And half way there the Hunter says, he has no Pet Food! I can imagine what you be thinking too, yeah same here. 2 people died on Attunmen and the same Hunter won some Steelhawk Bow a huge upgrade for him. After that the group headed up to Moroes via the stairs. In Moroes room the Druid Tank went afk for a while for what was like 5-10 mins. However in that time the Hunter decides “I got me a Epic Bow, I out of here” and left the raid. Then it cascaded from there and the group dropped out faster than a anchor weight. Yeah I decided to leave after the 3rd person left and the Druid Tank was still afk.

I rather PuG Kara with a organized Guild group If anything than with a completely random PuG in Kara if it had to come to that. That’s the very first time and last time I ever PuG Kara. PuGing Heroics absolutely, I have that much courage. PuGing Kara, never again. If its a bad PuG hell I’m now saved to Kara if its bad and I killed a Boss for that week. But the Hunter was just classic, so he never used a pet either.

2 thoughts on “The Hunter in Kara

  1. Ugh, that sounds like no fun at all. I have to give you props for even going at all, considering you are a plate wearing class (and we all know how expensive that is). You could always be the group leader if you wanted to PuG 9 more people (or grab some friend) and pick up on that Kara where the other group failed. I’m fairly certain it works that way anyways… good luck!


  2. <3 <3 <3 Galoheart <3 <3 <3Galo, I ran Heroic Mechanar last night. MM Hunter, S. Priest, Frost Mage, a really decent Healadin. The hunter did not know what Misdirection was. He did not have the spell. He was in full S1 epics, but skipped Misdirection because it saved him money and he didn’t know it was useful. He also opened up every trash pull with Aimed Shot./scream /cryAfter the third wipe, I laid down the law (I am the law giver!) about letting consecration hit first. He didn’t really listen, so I took a very Galo position and let him tank the mob himself, politely commenting while he ran, dropped a trap which was resisted, and feign’d death (also resisted). It didn’t go well for him at all.<3 you're # 1 fan,Iysis – Bronzebeard


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