What IF: We were all in the same WoW Guild?

Musing Topic.

What would happen if most or all of us was in the same guild (All of us in the community) on one same server playing our various respected class or the class you like to play but in the same guild? Would that work or would there be Chaos?

Leave this to the readers and lurkers here.

13 thoughts on “What IF: We were all in the same WoW Guild?

  1. Quite a few bloggers have < HREF="http://thebigbearbutt.com/2008/04/10/sidhe-devils-now-accepting-new-members/" REL="nofollow">joined up with BBBB<> recently. Some have transferred servers, some have rolled alts. All in all, it’s a great group so far — check it out. 🙂


  2. I know there’s a few of us that are Guild Leaders. Would ego’s fly? Heck… we could probably do like one of the guilds I read on Insider… something like they take turns being GM.Nice idea though. I’d miss my current guild and friendships, but nice idea.


  3. I think it would be interesting either way. I do think most of us or do I dare say those in the community as well as all our readers do have some level of ego to each of us. Most of all of us are fairly knowledgable of our own class that we play and the game itself. But I would like to think all the bloggers I know or most do seem to be level headed to some degree? I think its and interesting idea though still.


  4. I wonder if it would be any different? Most raiding guilds on my server have major drama and only listen when it serves their personal interest to get the loot they want.Oh wait, that describes most of the non-raiding guilds I know too!Can you imagine Guild Chat?!


  5. All of WoW in same guild would be utter Chaos!My idea is more limited to the blogger community and the readers, that’s a much more limited group than all of WoW at least by far.


  6. If drama happens, does that mean everyone in the guild would blog about it lol? IIRC there are quite a few guilds, including a few raiding guilds formed from communities of podcasters and fans of said podcasts. A community of Bloggers might be similar.Hope you’re enjoying your hiatus Galo! 🙂


  7. As Ess said in the 1st comment, many have rolled alts or moved a character to Kael’thas to join BBB & spouse. I’m seriously considering it. Many other bloggers have rolled horde in the Pox Arcanum guild (and many of those are also in BBB’s guild). So far, both experiments (?) appear to be working extremely well. (At least, no one’s blogged about drama yet.) 😉


  8. Salud said “Interesting idea…But everyone would not say or do much in fear of getting blogged about ;D”Doofythepaladin said “We would certainly all have something to blog about, heh”.Hmm both are certainly possible either way. Yet most would just be themselves i would imagine though. Yeah I did read about quite a few people joining BBB with his alliance guild certainly be interesting.


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