A Badge Story

I may be on Hiatus but i still read stuff. I saw this post over at Altitis and it reminded me of something that did happen some several weeks back.

I was running a PuG group through Heroic Underbog in one the ridiculous amount of PuGs I run and just after knocking over the 2nd boss on way to third boss I was roaming through my bag for some food buff and noticed that had no Badges of Justice in my bag. Huh!! Thought WTF came to mind I though I picked up both badges but I had no BoJ in bag. So relooted the badge off the 2nd boss and made sure I had it. I informed the group I was short a badge and asked if anyone else was, seemed I was only one short a badge. So ran all the way back to the first boss to see if he was still there but he had already despawned. Bummer.

So I filled a Ticket with a GM for a missing BoJ because I was sure I looted the Badge on the first Boss just as I was sure I had some on the 2nd boss the first time I did. We completed the run and got the other badges also. After that I run Heroic Slave Pen and had the same thing happen again. Kept thinking this must be a bug or something. At the end of the run only had 2 BoJ when I checked my badge count. Should of had 3 BoJ and was sure I did loot the boss for the Badges. So filed another ticket. Had to cancel the already open ticket from the first Heroic and refile another ticket, as couldn’t have 2 open ticket at same time.

Later was contacted by a GM about my ticket. Which was now about 2 missing BoJ from 2 separate events on one ticket since I had to cancel the first one to submit the second ticket. So the GM went looking and I discussed with the GM what happened. I told the GM I looted the Badge as I did loot it or thought I did on every occasion so I should have 7 Badges from 7 dead Bosses but only had 5 from the 2 Heroic run. Discussion went back and forth as to what I did or may have done or didn’t do or though I did when I looted the bosses. The GM was being polite but was yet insisting that though I did indeed Tank and kill the boss that I did not pick up the BoJ. I was like that’s nonsense. The sole reason I’m running the Heroic is to farm Badges so why would I not pick up the BoJ from the dead boss? I was getting a bit irritated after a while As I claimed that I did loot and the GM said that I did not loot to get the other badges. So it was going no where with this ticket as it was really taking a while. The GM asked if anything else he could do and then close the ticket to no avail.

I kept thinking about it and I was sure I looted the Badges so since I was talking to the GM already before he left and closed the ticket I returned the whisper and persisted because I was sure It was having no illusions. So the GM at some point said that if I want to persist with the ticket that I can file a “Escalated Ticket” by just resubmitting the ticket as before and he would Escalate it to be investigated and would take a few days to be looked at by a Specialist. 2 Days my ticket was looked at by a specialist at Blizzard and had to explain again what happened to the specialist investigating the Ticket. At my next loggin the next day I had my 2 Badges in the Mail. Yeah Redemption!

What became obvious much later was that and not sure its a bug or what but there are times if multiple people are looting an object at the same time it gives you “Object Busy”. It can occur multiple times I’ve seen and sometimes you may not notice it. In the cases of the Badge you may not notice it after you select to actually pickup the badge and bind it to you. Now I think that was recently changed in the patch where now you don’t have to select to pick up the badge, it now goes into your bag once you select to pick it up. Since that time I double check every boss for Badges after I pick them up.

What was apparent talking to both the GM and the Specialist that investigated my tickets was that Blizzard has various loot records and other records they log. They were able to identify to the very second when I selected to loot the badge and what happened, what I did and how many badges I had at all times in my bag and in my bank stack for BoJ at various points and in different instances. Its was noticeable that they keep all kinds of record logs of various kinds and that it probably stretch to other things. Blizzard knows stuff and can find it if they want to. Thus on investigation I got my Badges back in the mail.


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