Gone on a Long Hiatus.

I’ve given it some thought and decided to take a break from WoW. How long that will be one will never know. Some days its really been fun, some days its been a headache with others, some days it more like work doing things. At some point one gets burned out with things as well as raiding and well as wasting time. Its just not all that fun these days for me at least. So i’m taking a long break for a change and maybe do other things fun and otherwise for a change of tide. As the sun rises so does it eventually set. I have no idea when i’ll be back, for WotLK certainly at least but how much sooner before that is uncertain at best.

To all the readers who have stopped here or have been inspired in some small way by this Blog i’m humbled by that and in whatever role this Blog may have played in your enjoyment of WoW or as a resource. I too have been better because you all were here. And to the WoW Bloggers community for which I have being apart of for quite some time, served and help foster you have each and all being great friends. I wish you all well on your success and journey to the Sunwell. But for now, I’m Gone Hiatus for a long while.

So goes The Life & Times of This One Dedicated Protection Paladin.


13 thoughts on “Gone on a Long Hiatus.

  1. I too have to thank you for your blog, it’s been an enjoyable and informative read.I’ve built my pally up to 70, then to full blues, then uncrush/crit and now that I’m ready to go into Kara I’ve lost a bit of steam. I’m hoping that by playing my DPS toon for a while and getting him geared I’ll get my passion back for Prot.Enjoy the break, hope to see you back posting again. Even if it’s not purely about WoW.


  2. Dude, I’m really sorry to hear that.You’ve been a source for inspiration and advice for all of us prot pallies, and as others have said, thanks for that.Looking forward to reading you again!


  3. GL Galo!I havent got a paladin, but read your blog cause its so dam good, looking forward to see you blogging in WoTLK:-)


  4. Thanks for the inspiration and sass, you sexy man. You’ll always be a hero to us stubborn Tankadins who refuse to respec to something else, simply because it might be easier or more needed. All of my accomplishments are bittersweet and I empathize with your point of view; personal playing style is not without its sacrifices.Burnout is not uncommon, and those people like you and myself who play on their schedule without commitments, but always bring their full 200% to every instance are just destined to have their hopes and dreams crushed by <>truly casual<> people who just don’t give a damn. I’ll miss you handsome.<3 IysisPS – I’m holding out on all takers. I still want to have your babies.


  5. the world is a little darker now. the times…. bleaker. It is a shame that you have not found a place to be happy with progression, and that have, for now at least burnt out. You will be missed. You and others were the proof i needed so long ago that Port Pallys are viable. you were a large reason i held out to tank kara for as long as i did. It shames me now to think of the life i have chosen, healing, standing back and casting in plate, are not what we are designed for. Commenting on both of your last posts. You will see the eye and ssc . you will “pown” Illadon. just maybe while better geared than imaginable now. I hope your hiatus is a short one. both from the blogging community and from the game TegoElf Dwarf pallyFeathermoon(rp)


  6. Sniffle…I just get back in the swing of things….Well I understand sometimes a break is good. We all can’t play WoW forever. I hope you will someday come back and continue on with your great blog. Take care!


  7. Good luck in what you do.I’ve enjoyed reading your blog for some months and will check back from time to time to see if you’ve come back!Have fun in whatever you do! See you in WotLK!Alex.


  8. Thanks for the great blog. I’ve enjoyed reading your comments from the time I was “lol, a PROT pally?” while leveling up mostly solo to “pull the whole group, he can handle it” while turning my back on Kara bosses so I don’t run out of mana. It’s been a great ride, take care of yourself, and enjoy some well-deserved time in the real world.


  9. Burnout happens. You accomplished a ton of things. If you come back I am sure you will accomplish a ton more with the same crazy focus. Enjoy your hiatus! 😀


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