Patch 2.4 & Magisters Terrace

I really haven’t had much time to play since the new patch launched, been busy working that Job thing every day at night this week. I actually just home off the Job not long ago. At most this I’ve played a total of maybe and hour on Patch day and thats enough to do like 3 quick quests. So I’m a bit late in being able to check out the new Instance. I can only imagine Tanks and Healers are in much demand all around.

But I have being on the blog beat on my Trinket IPhone while at work reading everyone else impression of things. Since I’m off working for a whole week on my schedule rotation I’ll get to check things out later today and this weekend.

One thought on “Patch 2.4 & Magisters Terrace

  1. Looking forward to your impressions as a tank. As a pally healer, this place is very tough. On normal. I have no idea if I’d be able to stay on top of things in heroic mode. I’ll probably find out tonight if I’m not in Kara / ZA.


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