Its Official, Its Patch 2.4 Day

Its been confirmed by a Blizzard Poster (Blue) on the WoW forums that today during the maintenance that Patch 2.4 will be patched in. Yeah.

Get ready for lots of lag in the new zone, broken addons and UI’s, more dailys to grind as if 20 wasn’t enough. New faction reps to grind as well as Badges of Justice to grind and Pugs from hell with the new 5 man Instance/Heroics as well and all the other good stuff.

Cheers its about time. Still need 31 Badges to get my new Badge legplates. I better get cracking.

3 thoughts on “Its Official, Its Patch 2.4 Day

  1. You’re sound so positive… 🙂Me, I’ll be spending the next week or two on my mage, finishing quests in Outland. Being on a PvP sercer, this will keep me safe from most of the ganking croud. On the other hand, my Paladin will be running the new 5 man as much as possible. There are several plate upgrades there, and I need rep for the Alchemists Stone recipes.


  2. you got time. The 2.4 badge vendor isn’t going to be online until phase 3 of the offensive, which should be at least a week off.


  3. Mmm I want to hear about a Pally tank in MgT as I roll with a feral tank. Looking forward to hearing about your Sunwell Isle adventures. 😀And the darn badge vendor takes anywhere from a week to a month apparently. My badges are sad and burning a hole in my bank.


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