Weekend Update 03/24/08

I can’t exactly remember too much details of the weekend and the Kara raid for last week entirely. Best I can remember we had raid days on Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat. Sunday think we were suppose to go back to Kara for Nightbane but not sure what happened there. I was in Heroics on Sunday and time I finished it would have been raid time and barely anyone was on so after a few mins I logged off and called it a day, needed a rest from anymore group activity.

So far with Kara our guild seem to have 3 major stumbling blocks on Bosses on weekly Kara raids due to various problems of different sorts which leads to problems with various bosses. Usually its with Curator, Aran, Nightbane. Various problem with the raid that causes problems that at different times can be numerous. Sometimes its the right people, sometimes its different people, other times its people doing or not doing other things.

However for the weekend we did clear up Curator after our 3rd try or so on Wednesday. 2 Weeks in a row he dropped T4 tokens for Warlocks and others. We got Aran on our 3rd or so try without having any Warlocks in group. Think we had 2 Rogues and a Shammy for interrupts and the problem was the 4 elementals mostly. On last try we got Aran we ended up having a melee each on a Elemental and that worked in getting Aran down with a few people dead. Illhoof went down on first try, few people hit the floor on that too. I tanked his minion and OT Illhoof at same time while also holding the imps in consecration at same time and that worked well compared to before.

Prince went down on first try and again two weeks in a row he dropped the other T4 tokens for Warriors and others. The Shammy that had won the T4 some weeks back over me got gkicked from the guild end of last week and all I could think was there went the T4 token I had lost in the roll, Oh well. On Prince I usually backup heal as needed, do all the dispelling and heal the dps in Phase 3. I don’t go out my way to pick up healing gear. But over time I’ve obtained quite a bit of gear that’s somewhere about +900 healing. On the Chest event which is usually fun we won again, this time my pawn made it all almost all the way to the other side talking out almost all in path. Picked up Battlescar Boots which can be handy and just slapped 2 Solid Stars of Elune gems on those. So have 4 Epic Boots of various kinds. Being only other shield wielder also picked up Triptych Shield of the Ancients on the chest event so good for my healing gear set. Also picked up Drape of Righteous on trash leading to the event since no one wanted it, so it be good for my farming spell damage gear set.

This week Nightbane was a problem. We’ve gotten him down 2 times before. Yet this week he was just a pain. DPS and healer kept dying to Chared Earth or on Phase 2 with the the rain of bones and Smoking Blast. DPS kept pulling aggo on Nightbane more than half the time, as that was clear looking at my “Target Target box”. Omen was also acting funky with threat also. Once I can remember raid got fireballed. Think we did 4-5 attempts and after that I was just tired of it as I was just flat out of mana pots and all else. One the things became evident on the raids, people not carrying enough mana/healing pots as they need. Seen healers run flat out of mana and not even poping a mana pot. Why? Don’t have any mana pots and didn’t bring more than 1 or 2. On every raid I have at least 20 mana pots and 10 Mad Alchemist potions for mana just to make sure I don’t run out for the entire raid run.

On most our raids we usually have only 2 healers which is ok on lower half of Kara, but causes more problems on the upper half of Kara from what I have seen in our raids. So as a change the setup is now 3 healers on Curator onward in Kara as that caused us a lot of problems before also but that’s also attributed by not having either enough guild keyed dps or healer on line at raid times also. For the most part the raid group was more consistent in makeup for the weekend raid. So far as a raid we haven’t been very efficient due to various reasons, that raiding Kara has stretched over 4 nights. That has left me rather tired at times, often sleepy for early morning work as I get up at 0415. When a raid ends after midnight it makes for a long work day. Also leaves me less time to run Heroics for my usual Badges which averages 9 a day that I can do a run.

For the weekend finished up with 69 Badges of Justice. At least I’m close to getting my new legplates and more whenever patch 2.4 arrives which would be my next in line Badge purchase. As for this coming week not much raiding in Kara this week on my schedule since my work schedule flips back to working at nights.

Lastly I’m enjoying the new Hammer. So far its being fun to farm and whack away with my 2H Hammer. Load up the gear with spell damage and it fun!

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