Course Change Ahead Possible.

After being in Kara a few weeks Its a nice raid Instance. I find it overall fun and ok. Almost seen like a great majority of my time is spent there these days. Raiding is ok overall. Though it can be fun at times overall certain things I really don’t enjoy raiding related like the constant disconnects, the numerous afks, the waiting around and wasted time. I just want to spend my time being productive because its not unlimited time. I’m often thinking I could of done something else in the time I’ve wasted waiting around not doing much.

One extra Heroics a day in the time wasted means much to me and my goals. I’m goal driven and oriented in how I’ve played WoW and Galo. I have fun going after my goals. Its also fun to see other guild members get their gear more so the ones I know in the guild for some time or run instances with they worked for it.

I just honestly can’t shake the fact that on guild raids we are just not time efficient. The magic word here overall is time, your time, guilds time, my personal time. If im giving up 3-5 hours of my daily time in a group effort of many i rather it be spent efficiently and not starting raids late, have to endure afks, and constant disconnects or people just being late to raids. I can waste my own time if I want, but when others waste my time and others that’s not a good thing to have to endure. In 5mans runs and Heroics there is very little of that to deal with and usually the run goes non stop for the most. A quick boss break maybe but nothing long. In 5mans as the tank i barely ever take a break. I do what i need to do before run start and when its over, but i dont personally try to waste the 4 others people in the groups time. Wipe may happen here and there but that’s part of the run. Time is valuable your time or other peoples time.

So as this month ends I’m thinking taking a break from raiding a bit or commit less dedicated time to raiding. Spending 4-5 nights in Kara on my days off or nights at 4-5 hrs is a time killer and something that I get irritated about. I’ve made that concern clear on most our raids. We have a running joke on our raids where I usually mention my Flasks are ticking and wasting away. More than half my flasks are wasted just waiting around. So I probaby be spending most my time just running Heroics and farming Badges of Justice for my few remaining badge gear needs. Im just goal driven and focus in how i play and do things. At least in a 5 man as the tank I can get my daily badge runs done pretty fast. I may just need a bit of change from all the time commitment and time consumed recently raiding. Its just not to my liking with the guild raiding progress and some people casual attitude when it comes to TIME. Time is valuable though I can waste my own, I hate when mine is being wasted.



  • It’s not for everyone. Right now, I basically mark my Tuesday and sometimes Wednesday of my schedule off because I’m the trash mob tank on Mount Hyjal, and the guild is counting on me.

  • Alex - aka Firelight

    You need to find a guild that are doing TK/SSC Content.Our guild clear kara in 3 and a half hours. Thats time efficient.22 badges in under 4 hours? You cant do that in heroics….

  • You just need a better group man. Seriously, 90% of your problems would be solved by joining a halfway-decent guild.As for the flasks thing, I never use one until just before the first Boss pull on a run these days. I’m all too aware of people procrastinating pre-raid.

  • Honestly I still think you are in too casual a guild for your personal play ethics. Hardcore raiding doesn’t have to mean 7 days a week…Maybe time to apply somewhere starting tier5 and with better attendance/performance rules?

  • Alex - aka Firelight

    I totally agree with GT above.I’m in a “hardcore” raiding guild yet we only raid Sunday-Thursday and of those days i only raid 3/4 times a week – its not a big deal!

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