I Got Me A Phat Epic Hammer!

This is my New Epic Toy. Ohhh no Galo has turned to Death Knight!

Recently acquired this Epic piece for some 2H fun. Was actually Inspired by Invisusira who’s vids I like and is just a awesome tankadin. Her stuff is also linked at side bar and is a member at Maintankadin. Saw this Maintankadin Forum thread she had there on the board. So went out and acquired the HAMMER. Actually had not heard or seen this 2H before. It was added in the game back in 2.1 I think it was.

The only known crafter on my entire server is an Alliance NE Warrior with the Recipe to craft it. Thus as far as I’m aware I’m probably the only person with this Hammer and a Horde on my server also, because it was actually crafted by the Alliance NE.

Its one the best 2H spell damage weapon in the game Armory currently that’s usable by a few classes for the spell damage primarily. But this is awesome in the hands of a Protection Paladin to use for the spell damage to power all spells when not using a shield and using a 2H. A high spell damage weapon with Seal of Righteousness does a lot of damage or with Judgement of Crusader. For Alliance that may be prefered with Seal of Vengeance.

Galo has Max Weapon Skills with every single 2H weapon a Paladin can use as well as every 1H weapon also. Fully skilled in all weapons including unarmed skilled. I love to use a good 2H for my spec. Its awesome to use in various encounters when or where a shield is not required. On equipt my defense only dropped to 488, just barely under uncrittable. So most loss was shield stats, Armor, Blockvalue and some defense. At least I have a solid 2H spell damage usable weapon in my arsenal to carry and use when needed. Hello Mob here I come.

How Did I Acquire it.
Had asked on Horde side and in the higher guilds but no one could craft it. So pulled up my Realm Forum on the WoW page. Looked in the Crafters Sticky page for all listed realm unique pattern crafters. No BS listed as crafter having recipe. Entered in search function on the same Realm Forum page “Hammer of Righteous Might”. Got (1) hit. Was for a Alliance NE Warrior BS that just few days ago got the recipe and was listing it to be added to realm crafters list. BAM good deal!

Well don’t have an alliance toon, so immediately created one a Human Paladin. Logged on Alliance side. Did a /who for the named crafter and BAM he was on but running raid in SSC. /W crafter asked if he had the recipe and could craft. Did a quick chat that I needed a Hammer crafter he said can craft it. Yeap sure can and he had the needed Nethers, but not the mats. Cool no problem. Next day logged on and the crafter was logged on. Chatted for a few mins that I needed the hammer crafted and if he could craft it. He didn’t have mats and would have to acquire then. We had a deal and in 15 mins the time it took me to get to a Neutral Auction House and buy the item. I had my Epic HAMMER! I tested it out un-enchanted and SoR in my gear proc’s for about 150+ yellow damage without JoC.

I guess its sometime good to just be sitting on a pile of cash with nothing much to buy but a New Toy. I’m sure the BS was happy. I can even use it on Shade of Aran doing dps since you can’t tank him. Imagine 2 points in Reckoning. Hmm, lots of food for thought. Anyway a new Toy.

5 thoughts on “I Got Me A Phat Epic Hammer!

  1. I’m still not impressed with that weapon.Even after watching Invisusira’s video (which are always enjoyable). For soloing I get better damage and survivability with a sword + board. For tanking… well, I’m not about to try and 2h tank anything.And I don’t think anyone is considering this a Ret weapon.


  2. I got a sword and board obviously. I can use a sword and board when I want to. In my bag is 2 of 1Hand weapon and 2 different shields. The thing is I can use a 2H weapon also if one does feel like. I do use other 2H weapons when its appealing to have fun and get rid of the shield. Its all a choice in how one chooses to play. No its not a Ret Pally weapon. Ret have and can get better weapons and not just hammers or maces as obviously Rets use different gear stats than a Protec Paladin does. There are not that many 2Hand weapons available that have raw spell damage on it.


  3. Sometimes a giant hammer can just bring you joy. I got the Hammer of the Naaru in Gruul’s Lair the other day when it finally went to offspec rolls. I have to say… sometimes its just fun to beat up demons in Ogrila with a giant hammer. 😀Hooray Galo and his 2H Hammer!


  4. Yeah the new Hammer has being fun. It also looks AWESOME! Toting it around everyone keeps asking where i got it. But its fun to just use it out doing anything else non Instance tanking as I do enjoy a 2H and one with a lot of spell damage also.


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