A Tough Decision

Its been a slow week playing WoW as well I haven’t really played any. My heart haven’t really being in it much this week. Monday night logged on and not too long after I got a /w from the GM (Warrior) of the guild I had applied to “Accused” the previous week. So we did a Interview for a while.

Just the last leg of things in being interviewed I guess. So just got asked various questions about tanking in general and on content, looking at linked Plate gear to see if knew what the gear itemization was for. Knowing the difference between Avoidance or Mitigation gear and stats. Seeing if I knew the difference between one weapon use or another as well as if I was uncrushable/uncrittable in my tanking gear. Obviously those are all things I already know and have dealt with. So interview went well as well as asking other questions about their guild.

In the end it was up to me as I was offered the guild invite basically and just up to what I wanted to do. So I told the Warrior the GM of “Accused” I’ll think about it and consider it and let him know. I thought about that decisions for days, and days on end. For me it was really a huge decision and with my Paladin. It was no small task a decision to make. I rolled around ever choice it would entail and decisions I must make going forward in going to a new guild and content as well as abandoning my guild and my guildmates.

I’ve made lots of decisions in my Paladins life, many times I’ve gone against what usually is course of things. Sometimes I’ve chartered my own path different to may others of my own class. I’ve taken at times the path less chosen and often at times the more difficult path vs the easier path. I navigate my own course and chart my own ship in the waters before me. So last night after not playing WoW for days consumed in though. There is no way I could write and explain my decision on my blog. I really wish I could looking at the possibility of a T5 guild and content.

Its assuring to know I was accepted to join the T5 guild which is #3 on my Server. In the end I /w the GM warrior and said thanks for all considerations and turned down the offer. That decision is monumental and was not easy to come by as I gave it some thought. I also had a long private word with my guilds GM as he was on at the time also. When this guild was formed I was the last person to sign that charter, even though I was guildless at the time. I met my GM in a PuG back then and a fair guy. So we had a private discussion after I turned down the guild invite to the T5 guild as this was the first time he even knew of my impending decision. Whatever road lay ahead with myself, him and the guild Its possible I may come to a decision I may in time regret. There will always be other guilds or T5’s to consider. When I reach that path in the road on the road ahead I guess I’ll make that choice again. When its no longer fun to play WoW I can find better things in RL to do.

One thought on “A Tough Decision

  1. It’s always a tough choice when you have the option to leave a guild for another one. As long as you made the choice that you can live with and feel good about, that’s all that matters.


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