Weekend Update 03/10/08

Barely played WoW this weekend as spend most that time working. Only played just long enough to get in a single Heroic run for a few more Badges. So not much on the WoW front from the weekend.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Update 03/10/08

  1. After leaving a way too long comment on an earlier post I am going to keep this one short!How many badges DO you have and when did you start collecting? Saving them for 2.4 patch badge gear?I have about 150 that I have slowly amassed over the past month doing the daily everyday and some raiding. But I want to hear your crazy efficiency numbers! 😀


  2. Got about 66 Badges in the Bank currently all from Heroics. Havent really played any WoW since last Saturday so thats the last time i did a Heroic as well. Usually if i do a Heroic its 4-5 Badges minimum for that run. My goal is 12 Badges a Day. If i don’t hit it thats fine, But its still my goal. If i hit 12 Badges from Heroics which i have 2 times I call it a day at that point even if i could do more. If i hit my goal i call it a day. But it has only occured a few times.As far as how i run Heroic for Badges. No matter how you look at it for me its all just farming Badges and so i just run Heroics for Badge Effiency. I run the Heroics thats offer me the most Badges Per Run and i stick to that plan. Only thing i need is the Badge so its Badge per Run so often its either Heroics in Colifang Reservoir or Tempest Keep Heroics.Usually 90% of time PuGs runs for Heroics which takes longer to get formed but usually not too long as i make the groups my self usually always.


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