Committed Elsewhere……. I Wasn’t There

Well its maintenance day so no WoW this early in the day, so leaves time to blog I guess and stroll the blog beat a little. Anyway last night picked up some more badges from Heroics….. PuG groups as usual. Little after I logged in around 9PM A PuG group needed a Tank so was politely asked and invited to ready made PuG group for a Heroic Botanica run. We didn’t have any guild raid scheduled tonight. So sounds good love Botanica. Love PuGs too, I guess I play and live in PuGs.

While we were still waiting for the healer at the summoning stone to show up a few more people logged on in the guild about that time and the GM asked if they wanted to head back to Kara and take a shot at Curator. Those that were on in guild seem to agree considering the event of past weekend. Guild just seem to be lacking good geared dps and the usual raid members that cleared Kara from the core group.

So I got a /w from the GM asking if I wanted to be in the raid forming for Kara. I was already in Netherstorm with a PuG group ( 2 Hunters and 2 Shammy) at the time at the summoning stone waiting for the PuG healer (Shaman) to show up for Heroic Botanica. So I declined the Invite to Kara. The Guild Warrior Tank was already there so they had at least a Tank also. However when I’m committed to a group I’m committed to a group whether it be a PuG group or any other. So I gracefully declined Kara and stayed in my Heroics group. I run PuGs allot and one of my personal cardinal rules is I never abandon a PuG group once I’ve committed if nothing is inheritantly wrong with the group. Whether for guildies, anyone else. If I’m committed I stay committed to a group.

So while I ran Heroic Botanica, the guild formed a raid group on Kara and added 3 other non guild members to fill out the raid group. Heroic Botanica was smooth as usual and dropped every boss like clockwork. As I was finishing up the Instance saw a wall of green text in guild chat. Seems they were having problems on Curator, same problems again from last friday night. Apparently they were having various problems downing the flares in time reading the green text in guild chat as well as having someone to soak the Hateful Bolts. For some reason it seems they kept swapping people in and out the raid looking at things. However it didn’t seem the raid was going well on Curator as I could read the guild Warrior MT was clearly frustrated also.

Finished my Heroic Botanica run, got my 5 Badges to add to my stash and had another smooth run at Botanica. Not long after it seems the guild called the their raid on Curator and seem all those was there was frustrated to some degree looking at a wall of green text. Some the guildies logged off immediately after and called it a night and a end to the week raid cycle. Felt for the guildies and their frustration as well, but I wasn’t there. I was committed to another group at the time. Not long after that got invited to Tank for another PuG group in Heroic SP and with 2 Mages, and 2 Priests one being shadow was another smooth sailing in Heroics for another 3 Badges and a few more friends for my friends list. I guess I could say I personally had a good night. Clearly that was not the case for the rest of my guild. As for this coming week Kara run, I know for sure I won’t be there…… I’ll be too busy working on the Job during those night raid time schedule.

Yeah frustrating for me and my guild as well. I may be a good Tank, and geared as best I could be considering my own circumstances. But obviously to a great degree much of my own progress is tied to the efforts of 8-9 other individuals in a 10 man raid who when its game time decides to show up with their game face, skill and gear. My own individual effort stands for itself I spend my time in Heroics farming Badges to earn Badge gear for upgrades. I’ve always said when WoW no longer becomes fun, I can always take a long vacation.

3 thoughts on “Committed Elsewhere……. I Wasn’t There

  1. I wish more people would have the commitment to a PuG as you do. You do not know HOW many times I have had people leave group saying they had to go run something with their guild.


  2. I’ve being in many a PuG where half way though someone leaves for a crying guildie or because during the run they got asked for a Kara fill in.I’ve being on that end of the Stick as a Tank and having to take forever to find a replacement. I’ve hated it when it happens to me. So i have my own personal cardinal rules as a Tankadin. I don’t abandon a group once i’ve committed to the run until its finished or the group dissolves.


  3. I’m pretty scared of running heroic PuG’s…in fact i tend to steer clear of PuG’s alltogether if I can help it. Just too many bad memories…But cudos to you for sticking with it, I too when i’m in a group stick to my guns and wont leave unless things are really really aweful (PuG’s)


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