Fishing Project: Mr Pinchy Caught & Soulbound!

Well I finally caught Mr Pinchy this morning after I caught him the first time when he actually got away. He is an extremely rare catch in Fishing if your skilled. He seem to take a while to catch this time. But it pays to have some persistence! So far I have used only one wish and received the Mr Pinchy Gift which contained 5 Super Healing Potion & 4 Super Mana Potions with a 2 days cooldown on use. I’m hoping I can at least get the non combat pet and a “Benevolent Mr Pinchy”. So far I’ve only ever seen one person on my server with the non combat pet which is very unique pet.

So after he got away the first time when he did I made a fishing project of re-catching him again and cataloging the entire catch till he was caught. For that I had to buy me another Guild Bank Tab in my Alt Personal GuildBank to hold all the catch to log it properly.

Re-Catching Mr Pinchy
To re-catch Mr Pinchy I bought a lot of Aquadynamic Fish Attractors. Which gives over +100 fishing for 10 mins. Fishing Skill (375) + Fishing Rod (+25) + Fish attractors (100) =500 Fishing. Used a total of 33 Fish Attractors to result in a successful catch. Fished for about 30-45 min daily or when had time when Highland Mixed Pools were spawned. Basically just going to all the three Highland Lake areas. Really need at least 475 fishing to Fish in Highland mixed pools properly. Anyway everything that I caught was placed in my Alt Personal Guild Bank in a Project Tab.

Fish & Catches results:
9 Empty Slots for Furious Crawdad Stack Sold (9×20) = 180
Furious Crawdad = 347 (17 Stacks)
4 Empty Slots for Golden Darter Sold (4×20) = 80
Golden Darter = 63
Motes of Water = 61
Goldenscale Vendorfish = 4
Huge Spotted Feltail = 11
Enormous Barbed Grill Trout = 9
17 Crates (One was opened thus the Fel Iron)
23 Inscribed Scrolls

Inscribed Scrolls resulted in:
11 Scroll of Stamina V
15 Scroll of Intellect V
2 Scroll of Spirit V
4 Scroll of Agility V
3 Scroll of Strength V
7 Scroll of Protection V

Crates resulted in:
39 Knothide Scraps
18 Netherweave
11 Fel Iron Ore

Economics of A Catch
On our small populated server I do well at fishing. Fishing is good business! So though catching Mr Pinchy is a goal of many avid Fishermen the catch can be just as economically valuable. However if you fish Highland Mixed Pools for fun you get nice food Buffs with Spicy Crawdads from the Furious Crawdad. However it you sell the fish which I do both use for Tanking/Raiding and sell on AH.

1 Furious Crawdad Stack (20) 28-30g. (1.40-1.50 each)
1 Golden Darter Stack (20) 22-24g. (1.10 -1.20 each)

From the Valuable Fish Catch
4 Goldenscale Vendorfish = 24g at Vendor trade only 6g each.
17 Furious Crawdad = 510g minimum.
3 Golden Darter Stacks = 72g minimum.
Total 606g minimum + other fish + fishing loot + Primal Waters from Motes of Water.

And I will sell all those fish also, not that I need the money either. Who says fishing is not valuable when you do it for just FUN! Golden Darters you can fish from the Highland Mixed Pools or just from the lakes itself. However for me I just fish for relaxation and FUN. Now Mr Pinchy is caught for my project I’ve done everything in fishing I wanted to do. Form now on its just fun times when fishing.

3 thoughts on “Fishing Project: Mr Pinchy Caught & Soulbound!

  1. And in 2.4 you get Daily Fishing quests which can reward:New non-combat pets (Baby Crocalisks, supposedly 4 types)New cooking recipe (which buffs your fishing skill by 10)New +100 Lures (replacing Aquadynamic Attractors)Blue Unique-Equipped Gem (+15 stamina I believe)EPIC RING (The 2 Ring: +22 to all stats)GoGo Blizzard adding fun stuff to a much maligned tradeskill.


  2. I have caught Mr. Pincy twice now. That is six chances to talk to Mr. Pinchy. From that, I received four Mr. Pinchy’s Gifts and two Furious Mr. Pinchy. No pet for me 😦But I keep trying. I make a ton of gold off of Spicy Crawdad and Golden Fish Sticks.I’m curious to see if you have better luck than I do talking to Mr. Pinchy.


  3. I love fishing. I recently started an alliance toon to on a new server to play with my friends from school who are just starting to learn the game. My primary goals were herbalism and fishing, and while herbalism won’t really take off until the mid 30s, the fishing has already landed me 5G. Yeah, 5G isn’t a lot, but it’s millions when you’re level 15 with no other income. Now only if I could get my 70 pally to take up fishing too…


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