Alchemist Stone Trinkets in Patch 2.4

Courtesy of the fine folks over at MMO Champion who dug up this latest find in the latest PTR files. Seems Alchemy is getting a little love in patch 2.4 with all the goodness going around to every other profession and loot being added to the upcoming patch. Seems Alchemist we will be getting 4 new Epic Stones to choose from. See a Guardian’s Alchemist Stone there with 54 Defense on it.

However if only the dev’s could add like +35-50 Stamina on the stones or one with the Defense already on it would be pure awesomeness and worth it for Tanking. That would be ubar Trinket …. thats seems too much to ask of the devs it seems for a little Stamina. Not too happy with the Trinkets but better than nothing at all also.


4 thoughts on “Alchemist Stone Trinkets in Patch 2.4

  1. I’m really dissapointed in the new Stones. The only one that actually feels useful is the Redeemer version (119 healing on a trinket is pretty hawt).But, the PTR has been changing things with every release, so hopefully Blizzard will give us a few stats on these things.


  2. They all look *nice*, but my initial reaction of “OMGWTFBBQ I LOVE ALCHEMY” died off when I realized: They took off the +15 to all stats to give these additional abilities. I was so ready to pull my Pocketwatch off my tanking set, but now I’m not so sure, since those stats were going to make up for my loss of an emergency button.


  3. As a die hard Alchemist myself I was excited as heck when I got my Alchemist’s Stone recipe. Then I saw the huge hits my healing stats were taking when I equipped it… I still use it on long boss fights where I am chain chugging pots from the get go but my plus healing does take a big hit. Healing Alchemist stone? Zomg thank you. Will I keep it on all the time? Most likely no. But my stat loss will be far less when I do use it. So color me excited. 🙂Maybe Blizz worried if they made them any better the JCers would go crazy and threaten to knife us all. Oh wait they already are…


  4. The new JC trinkets are pretty nice. I don’t know if Blizzard is considering the trinkets “Tier 1” or “Tier 2” crafted, though. The recipes are easy to get (just need Shattered Sun rep), but the mats less so (they require uncut MH / BT gems).However, I’d take the JC trinket over the new Alchemists Stone in cases except for healing (and if a Healer goes JC + Alchemy, the two trinkets would rock as a combination).Kaliope discusses the JC trinkets here:


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