Tanking Gear Upgrades

Spent 35 Badges of Justice and picked up the Badge cloak to replace my Blue Devil Shark Cloak with the same Enchant for Dodge. The cloak is much better than the Gilded Thorium Cloak that drops from Terestian Illhoof and all of Kara. Replacing it gives me more Armor, Stamina, Avoidance rating and enough to maintain Uncrushable rating with Holy Shield though not by much. I still carry the old cloak and swith gear as needed for the block value on trash or like in Heroics downgrading gear so mana in not as much a problem getting heals from taking some damage.

Replaced the Felsteel Helm with this. If had won the Justicar Faceguard it would have being really nice. However spent 50 Badges and picked up the pre 2.3 Badge gear helm at the vendor. Especially since seem no new helms for Tankadin on the horizon for Badges in 2.4 either that I have seen. The new helm is also better than the Eternium Greathelm that drops in Opera House for Tankadins. So again get more Stamina/Avoidance a little less Armor. Having the Shield Block Rating on it to maintain Uncrushable with Holy Shield allows me to un-equipt my Figurine of Colossus in my Trinket slot for Block Rating and replace it with my Netherwing Exalted Trinket the Commander’s Badge for more Stamina. I’ve never got to use it before much anyway. So usefull at least the Trinket for pure Stamina which added about 520 HP total.

Since I’m now Revered with the Violet Eye replaced my Andormu Tears ring from Black Morass with the Violet Signet Ring. That allows me to get more Stamina and keep up Defense though I be just under uncrushable. Been just under Uncrushable that’s easily fixed by doing a few things easily by just switching from my Continuum Blade back to Crystalforged Sword for the BlockRating. I can have BoK up if need or eat a Warp Burger for the almost 1% avoidance if needed. I carry lots of consumables always. Point is I have options if I need them depending on what gear I need at any one point in time. Every good Tank carry lots of extra gear as options depending on what gear pieces they need at any one time.

Every piece of my gear worn I get it fully Fully Enchanted when its bought and before I even wear it the first time. I take a lot of personal pride in wearing my gear and keeping it updated as best as one can. With all three pieces of gear change that allows me to remain Uncrittable/Uncrushable with Holy Shield. Also increase my Stamina HP from 12.8k to 14.1k unbuffed and with more Armor. So I finish the week now with 9 Badges of Justice in the Bank. So need to burn the candle again with more Heroics to get at least 60 Badges to get my next piece.

2 thoughts on “Tanking Gear Upgrades

  1. There is never a happier day in a raiding Tankadin’s life than the day he gets to replace his Andormu’s Tear with something decent!Congrats!


  2. Get yourself a season 1 Gladiator’s Gavel or Season 2’s Merciless Gladiator’s Gavel as soon as possible. Doing Arena as protection spec is kind of hard, but I found a partner who’s only interested in farming Arena points, so we did 10 games a week and remains in the ~1500 range. I heal, and my arena partner (frost mage) do damage. At 1500 range, we win more than not.


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