Heroics or Karazhan?

Having been at lvl 70 for a while and taken my well documented detour and time gearing up, and tanking lots of Heroics I can safely say my opinion of Karazhan now that I’ve been there 3-4 times now.

I’ve spent a lot of time on the rep grind & faction grind for all my gear and tanking Heroics with decent gear. Now that I’m raiding Karazhan this is what seems more than obvious to me in my own opinion.

Mobs in Heroics hit much damn harder than in Karazhan. Allot harder in fact they hit in Heroics, but thats my honest opinion there and I’m sticking to it. Trash mobs in Karazhan may sometime do some wired tricks but running 5 man Heroics is harder. This now reminds me of when in Heroics often times that I get some Kara raiding healers with epic gear does not often realize how much harder mobs hit in Heroics compared to Kara. They may not anticipate just how hard mobs hit a Tank in Heroics and I’ve had many such healers that have claimed because they raid heal in Kara they can heal just fine in Heroics. Not all of them do. However the point is in my opinion as a Tank. Trash Mobs in Heroics hit much harder and can put a royal pounding on Armor.

9 thoughts on “Heroics or Karazhan?

  1. I share your opinion that mobs in Heroics do hit harder then mobs in Kara. Kara to me is a lot more about coordinations and team work on the boss fight, where as most boss fights in Heroics are more straight forward. Also, there isn’t much room to slack off in 5-man since there are less people to provide back up and support when something unexpected happens.


  2. Yes, yes they do. My (and for that matter, my guild’s) first heroic ever was an Underbog. Those Colossi at the end had me absolutely reeling, and I was truly afraid of what karazhan would bring. It was quite a letdown when we started pulling horses to Attumen the first time and they practically tickled.


  3. Totally agree with you man 100%Our guild can clear Kara in 3-4 hours – all bosses down…Then a 5-man team might take that long or longer to clear heroic Arcatraz for instnace!I’ve not tried Heroic Shadow Labs for fear of spending half an eternity in there…


  4. I ran some Heroics with a alt healer who had been gearing up in Karazhan, and he said it was a culture shock to suddenly be the only healer for a group of five instead of being one of three for a group of ten.I find Heroics and Kara on a part these days, but to be honest, Heroics became a lot easier once I had Kara gear.


  5. I myself love kara, for all the badge drops =]however, i’m kinda sad i still don’t have legacy, after 4 months of kara. now i’m moving onto bigger and better things (5/6 SSC, 2/4 TK) so i may never get it =[however, i do have a question for you. as of now, I am a 375 alchemist (non specialized) and a 360+ herb. as i near into 375 herb, what would you say the best way to make money with those profs would be, considering you yourself are 375 Alch/Herb?


  6. Heroics hits hard. Especially if you’re running Durnholde as your first Heroic ever and you’re still only at 466 defense. We didn’t even make it to the first boss! I pride myself on being a serious tank and always coming prepared to do business, but this is the first time I’ve ever felt ashamed. I can’t even imagine Shattered Halls. Galo, forgive me. Is it feasible to hit gearing goals such at 490 def, uncrushibility, and 12k hp and go straight into Kara or should you grind out Heroics until they’re easy?<3 Iysis - BronzebeardPS: I still want to have your babies.


  7. @rdnmrsox. Not a easy question to answer how i make money with both Alchemy & Herbalism. However if you want some insights you can read the post i did on Feb 8th (Confessions of a Money Manager) which covers many perspectives of how i use my profession.Though when it comes to Herbalism I really don’t really use Herbalism to sell what i gather. I use the skill hand in hand to do Alchemy, which makes doing Alchemy much easier and much better for me. Herbalism for me is an asset skill for doing my Alchemy. I’m Elixir spec I usually only make elixirs and Flasks. The Pots i make i often study the patterns of how they sell on AH and how often. Based on those analysis thats how i determine what to often MAKE or SELL. Im in the bussiness of using my profession to MAKE MONEY not LOOSE MONEY. You can make money selling various Flasks and Elixirs at least i do. HOW you sell it and WHEN you sell it in the AMOUNT you sell it can determine if you make or loose money.


  8. @Stillborninfant.Ah Yes. I did that. I Took the time to get myself geared properly vs just heading into Kara. That was my choice in how i played the game. Often its the path less chosen by many people new at 70 who head to Kara often undergeared.So yes when i entered Kara i was already past 12K HP, 490 defense, Uncrushable with Holy Shield. Yes its possible, few people will take the time to do that. But i did. So its possible. By running lots of 5 Man PuG Instances & Heroics all pre-Kara as a result i developed lots of Tanking experience for my resume file. All that experience made me much better as a Thinking Tankadin. It allow me to gear up also. Kara was very easy when i entered it. Again thats a path less chosen by many but that was my path my my own choice. Taking the time to enjoy the endgame was my choice and not rushing through it. But yeah its possible will most people do that…….NO.


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