Back to Karazhan

We didn’t really have a raid schedule for last night Tuesday night. However we had enough guild members online and most of the raid team so we just decided since having people logged on why not go raid Karazhan. So we did!

Was later then the usual raid start time but we got it going. Think group was a Warrior (Tank), Galo (OT), H.Priest, Resto Shaman, 2 Warlocks, 2 Rogues, Mage, Hunter. The Shaman was our guild newest member and a very young member. So we started this week doing the usual Bosses. So we visited and one shot Attumen, Moroes, Maiden, Opera Event.

For the Opera Event this time we got a new boss, so we got Romulo & Julianne. Was easy to tell from the announcer who we had so first time seeing the event we one shot them both. Warrior tanked Julianne and Galo tanked Romulo and consecrated both in Phase 3 of that fight been next to both. It was fun and they both died quick and fight didn’t seem that hard to me as they got burned down quickly. So so far having now seen all three Opera Event I’ll have to say the Wizard of Oz is the most fun. Romulo and Julianne was the easiest.

As for the trash mobs, I just AoE the non-elite trash mobs in Moroes room. We pulled the elites by themselves. On way to Maiden after Moroes room we did the same thing as far as pulling the mobs and staying close to the left wall. On room to maiden we just pulled the patrol and mobs in their own groups. At one point we had 2 groups of mobs going in a pull and hell it was just more fun AoEing the whole group. After having seen Kara 3-4 times now its much easier to understand the place and the Bosses. They don’t seem as hard as the first time you see the Bosses learning the event for the first time. Having being in very decent geared made it all seem a bit easy to me I guess.

We finally had some drama on our raid. The new Shaman that recently joined our guild claimed he has run Kara as he said at least 45 times yet for all that he only has one Kara piece. Anyway when Attumen died some cloth dropped he got mad because he wanted to roll on the cloth gear and was mad he couldn’t. He was given already 1 piece of gear that was a huge improvement for him. Last I checked Shaman wears mail also. So this guy decided to go Afk to protest his discontent with the loot. I was like “wtf” is up here! We did a ready check, guy was like “I’m busy thinking”. I almost blew a fuse at that point.

From Attumen to Maiden this one Shammy (My Healer) kept complaining about loot and everything else non stop. I reached the point where I was just completely annoyed. So I /w the GM as he was in the raid. The guy was complaining to him too. I laughed, but to be honest he annoyed the crap out of me and with lots of smart ass comments as if the guy knows me in any way when he’s being a smart ass. I just decided not to answer him and leave it at that. So on the way leading up to Maiden the shammy decides “Hey I got to go, see ya peeps later” then he said 2 smart ass remarks and logged off a little bit later. So we had to find another healer which took forever it seemed. I’m not keen on this new guildmember. Will see what becomes of him.

Anyway after we did the Opera Event we called it a night. So tonight we head back to Kara to start with Curator.

3 thoughts on “Back to Karazhan

  1. We got him down before. Yeah off tanking him is very tough on mana and i was often OOM. I think on last fight i blew at least 3 Super Mana pots being the OT just to keep up on mana and thats with JoW up.OT is very tough on mana.


  2. As for your shammy, that behaviour should be auto-gkick, but I suppose if you guild is still small then mayber you can’t afford it 🙂If he HS and logged out then he should have logged in the next day to find himself guildless!


  3. I strongly agree with Holywarrior, that behavior within our guild would be an automatic /gkick. Hell our guild leader has that on a macro. We don’t tolerate ANY guild drama.It’s a waste of everyones time.


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