Leaving Your Guild

When its time to leave what do you do and how do you do it? Over at World of Matticus earlier Matt has a great piece on “Leaving the Guild the Right Way”. I though it was a great piece he wrote. I haven’t joined that many guilds that I personally have ever had to quit. But if you play WoW long enough there will come a time when you will eventually have to quit one of them unfortunately for whatever reason. Its all up to you how you decide to quit, /gquit, stealth quit or whatever kind of quit which is basically leaving to say the least.

How you leave your once guildmates, the people you instances with day in day out or raided with once says much about you as a player and your personal character when you decide to quit or leave. Also will reflect much on how many friends you retain after you quit or leave also. Not every issue will be plain black or while before you quit or decide to, but it helps to give a GM or a guild officer a heads up before you leave. Having a little courtesy helps much as well as some personal dignity however you choose to do it. I remembered when I left my last guild “Ascention” my former guild Not my current guild. It was the first and only other guild I had joined at 70 or for a long time that is. I knew most the officers in the guild as well as the GM. Did many key frag runs and full instance run with many the members to get their Kara keys.

When I decided to leave I had my reasons and it was firm in decision. I talked to the GM about my decision. And before I left the guild with many people online I at least gave them the courtesy of letting them know I was leaving. I didn’t have to /gquit or stealth quit when no one was around. I gave them common courtesy and left with my dignity same as I would do on the Job with the people I have worked with for years. It is rather still good to know i’m friends with everyone I knew back in “Ascention” guild. Who needs enemies on a Server, already have enough in PvE. Just 2 days ago one the officers /w me asking me to fill in as Tank for their Kara group, I had to decline because I was in Heroics at the time. The point is I still have friends there.

However what you do and how you leave is always up to you when you decide to leave!

2 thoughts on “Leaving Your Guild

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  2. Only been in one guild my entire WoW career on Medivh. Admittedly we merged and changed names during that time but it is essentially the same “group” and spirit.People have come and gone and now that I am GL, I do wish more people would talk it over with me and give me a heads up prior to leaving. I always appreciate it when they do.Your thoughts and advice are sound Galo, and as a GL, I wish more people would heed them.Skarlarth


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